Creative Suite Developer Update

This morning we ran the first of our planned Quarterly Updates for Creative Suite Developers. If you missed it – not to worry. We recorded it, and the links and handouts are attached to this blog entry…

Watch this blog for an announcement of the next Quarterly Update.

This 90 minute session included updates for developers of Adobe Bridge, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe InDesign Server, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe VersionCue, and Adobe XMP.You can watch the recording by pointing a browser at … can download the slides in PDF form at this location. Questions that were asked during the sessionNick Beadman: Is the Photoshop SDK now final? Last time I looked it was beta.Mark Niemann-Ross: Should be available mid-next-weekNick Beadman: Is it possible to have CS, CS2 and CS3 (including InDesgn debug and release) installed at the same time?Dan Brotsky: CS2 and CS3 have been qualified to run together on the same machine. CS and CS2 were also qualified and have some known issues. CS and CS3 have not been qualified to run together, but we did do some testing and didn’t find new issues relative to CS and CS2Carl Rambert: How does one configure multiple installs such as Ps Std and Ps Extended on the same system for testing purposes? Separate hard drives?Dan Brotsky: PS Std and PS Extd are packaged as the same binary with different licensed feature sets. It’s not possible to install them “both”, as that would be the same app twice. But then again, it’s not necessary to “test them” against each other… :)Nick Beadman: Are the “issues” between CS and CS2 documented anywhere?Dan Brotsky: check the knowledge base on adobe.comDieter Kohl: Count debug and release versions of InDesign as different applications or as the same application that can be installed only once?Dan Brotsky: You can have InDesign Release and Debug on the same machine, and I believe the InDesign SDK has instructions for how to do this. Roey Horns may be able to supply the details.Carl Rambert: I ment two copies of a CS3 app, say one as shipped, and another with all updates, and plugins installed.Dan Brotsky: No, you can’t get the installer to put two copies of the same app on the same system. You can (on Mac) make a copy of an installed app, but be careful because at launch the second copy will believe that you have moved the original copy and will ask to update the PCD.SEAN UPTON: Is it possible to script/automate across multiple CS3 apps? I want to script from within InCopy to get stuff into Dreamweaver for a InCopy-to-web workflow.Dan Brotsky: Yes, defiinitely, you can do this using Javascript and Bridgetalk. Look at the Workflow Automation Scripts that ship with the suites for examples of this.Gary Cosimini: STK Available now. Run time and Debug available in May (From Chris)Dan Brotsky: (This was posted info about the Photoshop SDK)Marvin Aviles: Regarding InDesign, is there an existing iterator class that allows us to “walk thru” an InDesign document and navigate thru each of the layers, pages, and ultimately all the way down to each page object (e.g. text strings, images, etc.) ? IOW, is there a class to navigate thru the InDesign document and see all the page elements ?Roey Horns: No, there is no iterator class for doing that. You have to do that using the collection object (e.g. app.activeDocument.spreads[i]…)Mike Wallen: Are Binary ExtendScripts exclusive to InDesign CS3 or do other EX clients support binary?Rob Corell: All ExtendScript clients support binary scripts (they end in .jsxbin)SEAN UPTON: When it says Attachability, does that mean ECMAScript closures?Rob Corell: I don’t think so; I think he means that you can attach scripting functionality to menu events.Joost Huizinga: Can you add custom menu items?Roey Horns: YesLawrence: Both the model and the UI were made in scripting? Was there no C++/scripting mix with XHTML export?Roey Horns: We made the XML image conversion code available to the scripting DOMSEAN UPTON: When you have a document event, can you get access to the element of the document that triggers that event?Roey Horns: I am not sure. I will have to come back to you on that question…Dirk Becker: Will the ID Server’s Java API also become available for Desktop?Roey Horns: NoPawan Singh: CS3 Server has Java there a Java API for non server InDesign CS3Roey Horns: NoSEAN UPTON: When you have a document event, can you get access to the element of the document that triggers that event?Roey Horns: … the event contains a target property which is probably what you are looking for.Finley Lee: Any concrete plans for an ADM replacement yet?Thomas Ruark: Nothing concreate but we are looking at giving access to Adam/Eve to drive the UI. See Adobe Labs for more info on Adam/Eve.Finley Lee: Should we expect 64-bit support in the next version of Photoshop?Thomas Ruark: I would give it a 90% chance but we are very early on the next version. (That is if I could talk about the next version.)thomas myers: 3rd party plug-ins. Should we be thinking about RIBS instead of Installshield?Rob Corell: I don’t believe it is externally available at this point. Dan had to run, but I don’t think we’ll see it productized in the near future.To what extend is the XMP Toolkit capable to convert IPTC information to XMP?Frank Biederich: There are various IPTC and EXIF fields being mapped into XMP. I can send you more details if you drop me a mail.Will new features in XMP, such as new file types supported be reflected in an update of the specification?Frank Biederich: The documentation is currently being updated. We’re planning a next phase with updated tech documentation and marketing material on 2-3 months from now.

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