XML adventures with Promoterbot

One of my projects is called “Promoterbot”. It is an online tool that helps plug-in developers promote their products. When they enter their products in the database, I send formatted versions of the information to a variety of sources, including the Adobe.com pages, various editors, and product managers at Adobe.

I also publish it to http://del.icio.us/promoterbot, create an RSS feed (http://developer.niemannross.com/promoterbot/promoterbot.rss and… now I also create an xml feed at http://developer.niemannross.com/promoterbot/promoterbotPlugins.xml

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be experimenting with different ways of publishing the information in that feed. Have any suggestions for me? Want to take a swing at it yourself, and find your efforts noted on this blog? My email is ready…mnr@adobe.com …

For those of you who are developers, and would like to get your information included in promoterbot, just point your browser to http://developer.niemannross.com/promoterbot . I’ll be on vacation from June 16 to July 5th, so there may be some delay in approvals – but your time will be well spent!MNR

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