Developing for Version Cue – here’s a good overview

Mike Wallen just recorded a great overview of Version Cue that developers are going to find really useful. It includes a market overview, as well as some insights into getting started with the SDK.

You can view the recorded connect session at will find it interesting because it does a really good job of placing Version Cue in the developer ecosystem, and provides an overview of the development environment (based on Eclipse)You can download all of the VersionCue SDK materials at official table of contents for the presentation is…

  • How Version Cue CS3 SDK can extend Version Cue beyond the desktop, connecting to the wider enterprise, improving the flow of work among team members and supporting new ways to track, deploy, and get more value from creative assets
  • Connecting to external asset or workflow management systems without having to leave the context of your creative applications, including Adobe Photoshop® CS3, Illustrator® CS3, InDesign® CS3, InCopy® CS3, Acrobat® 8 Professional, and Flash® CS3 Professional software
  • Scaling your workflow solution to your needs; for example, customize Version Cue capabilities for smaller teams or integrate robust, scalable enterprise-level DAM, ECM, CMS, and other systems directly into your Creative Suite 3 environment
  • Partner providers who can customize Version Cue for your need

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