Public Update of InDesign and InCopy CS3

Heads up to InDesign and InCopy Developers… There’s an update you should know about…

On Tuesday October 9th, 2007 Adobe Systems, Inc. will be posting a public update for InDesign® CS3 and InCopy® CS3. There will be an application version number change—5.0.1. and this update is based on our internal build 624 for both InDesign and InCopy CS3. The release builds will be made available to the public via Adobe Update Manager (AUM)—a feature in InDesign and InCopy that notifies the end user of updates as they become available. This feature also helps facilitate the download and installation for the update for the CS3 applications.Read Me FilesI have attached the ReadMe files for both InDesign CS3 and InCopy CS3 5.01 updates so that you and your colleagues can review the updates and fixes included in the 5.0.1 updates.InDesign and InCopy DevelopersWe will be posting the Release and Debug updaters + ReadMe files for both InDesign CS3 and InCopy CS3 on the ASN site— . The public SDK will be available at Server DevelopersPlease do the one of the following to obtain the InDesign Server CS3 5.0.1 update:1) Contact your InDesign Server Licensed Reseller…or…2) If you are an InDesign Server Licensed Reseller, then download the updater for InDesign Server CS3 Release & Debug 5.0.1 update build 624 from the pre-release ID/IC Partner Rapid Releases Home secure web site.Important note to Editorial Partners:We understand that you have editorial systems deployed at customer sites. It is imperative that InDesign/InCopy application updates need to be certified first by your QA staff before they are released to your customers. As a result, you may want to advise your customers who are working with a deployed version of your system in combination with our CS3 versions of our applications to proactively disable AUM inside InDesign CS3 and InCopy CS3.The AUM utility only contains Release Components; therefore, we strongly advise that your developers and QA staff Disable AUM auto-updating for their Debug applications as well. Otherwise, your Debug CS3 builds will be patched by the Release CS3 components and will not launch after the update installer is complete.To disable AUM, do the following:

  1. Launch InDesign and InCopy CS3.
  2. In the application window, choose Help > Updates.
  3. Click on Preferences
  4. Deselect the Check Box, “Automatically check for updates every month.”
  5. In the scrollable window titled “Choose the applications to update:” Deselect the check box for Adobe InDesign CS3 and Adobe InCopy CS3
  6. Click OK.

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