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December 2007 plug-in guide (the last?)

I’ve attached the December 2007 plug-in guide – which will probably be the last time it is released as a PDF. I’ve been watching PDF downloads drop off over the months, and see increased use of the RSS feed, and online browser versions. So I’m going to shift the PDF budget over to a different project.

Here it is…

If you think we should start the PDF version back up – let me know at

November 15, 2007 Quarterly Update Recordings

On November 15th, we sent out the latest Quarterly Update for Creative Suite Developers. Here is a link to the recording, as well as a pdf containing all the presentation slides and some sample scripts from Michael Daumling.

Presentations included:

  • Kuler API by Tim Strickland
  • Flash by Richard Galvan
  • Dreamweaver by Scott Fegette
  • InDesign and InDesign Server by Heath Lynn
  • Photoshop by Thomas Ruark
  • Version Cue by Roger Risdal
  • Scripting by Michael Daumling
  • Illustrator by Devshi Pindoria

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