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Getting Started with InDesign Programming

Ok – this is pretty dang cool.

Getting started on the InDesign SDK requires a fair amount of horsepower. There are lots of resources on devnet – but here’s a book, published by Kris Coppieters, that approaches the subject from the perspective of someone who learned it from scratch, and is using and teaching the material.

You can get your own perfect-bound, glossy cover copy for a measly $89.50 USD from Lulu. Here’s the link

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Q3 CSBU Developer Update

Get out your pencils and calendars. We’ve scheduled the next Creative Suite developer update for August 7th, 9:00 am PST.

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What happened at the Creative Suite Developer Summit

The Adobe Creative Suite Developer Summit hosted 150 developers from around the world. Everyone attending (in person) received a copy of Flexbuilder 3, some great books, and lots of pre-release info about the Creative Suite. It was great – did you miss it?

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Developer Summit Recordings now online

The recordings from the 2008 developer summit are now available in the developer summit forum in the pre-release area.