What happened at the Creative Suite Developer Summit

The Adobe Creative Suite Developer Summit hosted 150 developers from around the world. Everyone attending (in person) received a copy of Flexbuilder 3, some great books, and lots of pre-release info about the Creative Suite. It was great – did you miss it?

We recently ran the Creative Suite Developer Summit in Seattle. For some of you, spending two days with 100 engineers, discussing API’s, SDK’s, IDE’s and other TLA’s is the closest thing to heaven. For some of you, maybe not so much.Regardless of your personal views, the developer summit was great. We presented twenty-eight hours of content, along with two “Birds-of-a-Feather” sessions and uncounted hours of meetings between Adobe and strategic developers. These sessions included technical and marketing information of interest to developers for Acrobat, Bridge, Dreamweaver, Extension Manager, Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Version Cue and XMP. We also introduced developers to devnet, marketing opportunities, emerging technologies and future directions.I’ve posted a google map showing the international flavor of the event – all the pinpoints are home towns for the 100 attending developers. And – here’s a map of who was attending online.Oddly, the Developer summit wasn’t just about Developers. We met with Analysts, Architects, Business Managers, Consultants, Directors, Division Managers, IT Managers, Presidents, Senior Executives, Vice Presidents and Web Managers.But – enough yammering from me. What did developers have to say?”I was greatly impressed with the conference and the Adobe Team which put it on! Thank you for the effort you all took to make such an enjoyable and educational experience!””…just want to say a big thank you and congratulations on some wonderful new features. thanks for letting us view this connect remotely. It’s about 1am here in the UK, it’s been a very long couple of days for us but wouldn’t have missed it.””The future strategy for InDesign was exciting specially the feature of Flash and AIR support in plug-ins.””Thanks for a very interesting two days. I joined from the eastern time zone, so for me it only was a half day of “normal” work, then I watched the sessions in my living room on my 42″ TV”If you’re a developer, it’s not too late to get access to developer information for the Creative Suite. Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll connect you up!MNR (mnr at adobe.com)p.s. Want to see more photos? http://mnr.photoshop.com

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