SwitchBoard is in the wild!

SwitchBoard is a nifty little helper that allows you to automate the Creative Suite using Adobe AIR. And we’ve moved it out of pre-release, and up a notch to labs.adobe.com

Yep – you can use Flex to create automations for InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Version Cue, Bridge.

Is this cool or what?

Try it out – when you make something interesting, let us know in the SwitchBoard Forum.


One Response to SwitchBoard is in the wild!

  1. Sean Upton says:

    Very novel. I would also hope that this same concept can be extended in the future beyond just AIR to bridge between mainstream browsers (IE8, Firefox3+Prism — provided Flash player is installed) to help users/integrators create hybrid web/desktop content management and asset management applications.