InDesign Server == Programmer Tool

If you’re involved with integrating the Creative Suite with an in-house workflow, you’ll eventually need to produce some sort of output. And if you’re in the publishing industry, it’s likely you’ll be required to produce high-quality pages combining fine typography and images across multiple pages.

That’s why InDesign Server exists – and there’s a lot of industrial strength tools available that you might not be aware of. Fortunately, there are sessions at MAX that will show them off…

While you’re reading this, I’d encourage you to go to, select “InDesign Server” from the product drop-down, making sure to set all the other drop-downs to “All”You’ll find a series of classes about InDesign Server technology.Introduction to Developing with InDesign Server is a good starting class with Michael Burbidge, the lead engineer for InDesign Server. Michael is vastly overqualified to lead a beginning class – so expect to get a well-rounded and informative overview of the capabilities for this design tool.Assemble and Disassemble InDesign and InDesign Server Pages Using XML with Heath Lynn. I’ve worked with Heath in Developer Technologies, so he has a great perspective of what other developers have asked for during integration projects. Read the description for this class – it’s basically the holy grail for anyone trying to construct an InDesign page from scratch.Building Web-to-Print Applications Using Flex, AIR, and InDesign Server – Michael is back with a cross-media perspective of InDesign server. This reads like a technology buzzword writers competition, but when boiled down, its a class on how to do what your boss wants you to do. Well worth your time!Haven’t signed up for MAX yet? Might want to – http://max.adobe.comAlready signed up – might want to consider these sessions!MNR

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