XMP FIleInfo SDK now available.

The XMP team has just posted the SDK for building custom metadata panels in Flex and XML. Although the program is primarily focused on developers, we welcome anyone interested in metadata as it relates to workflow, rights, tagging, and asset management.

Here is what the latest SDK contains…Custom Panel WizardThe Custom Panel Eclipse plug-in provides a New Project Wizard that automatically sets up a custom-panel project. The Wizard includes XMP-enabled components in the FileInfoFoundation.swc library, that you can use to build your custom panels in the rich Flex™ Builder™ development environment.Generic PanelThis ready-made panel reads an XML file named properties.xml which describes an XMP schema, and automatically customizes itself to provide an interface to those properties. This is the same XML format that Adobe Bridge and Adobe Premiere® use to store XMP information. By providing this file, you can make your own XMP properties available in a wide variety of Adobe applications.Let me know if you’re interested…mnr (at Adobe dot com)

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