CSBU Quarterly Developer Update January 15, 2009

We’ll be running the next Creative Suite Developer Update on January 15th, 2009 at 9:00 am Pacific time. Point your browser at http://my.adobe.acrobat.com/qcsdu

Our goal is to get developers information in a timely and regular schedule. Although there may be many ways for developers to get this information, attending this session will provide highlights for the next quarter.The developer update is 90 minutes in length, and happens approximately every three months. The session is run through connect, and audio is sent over meetingplace. The session is recorded, and made available to the general public via links from adobe.com/devnet.The session starts off with a brief introduction, followed by a 30 minute presentation by an Adobe “rock star” engineer. This thirty minute presentation is intended to provide slightly more in-depth information on a particular topic. Following that presentation, each product team is afforded five minutes to review hot developer topics.During the presentation, Attendees can ask questions via the Connect Chat module.

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