InDesign & InCopy update coming your way

Heads up!

Adobe is releasing a CS4 updater via the Adobe Update Manager – just went live this morning (February 25th) – and I apologize for the late update.

This update provides key fixes in the areas of Scripting, Master Pages, Digital Editions, Import/Export Graphics, as well as other miscellaneous issues.

Here are a few specific bug fixes included in the dot release. See the read me for the full list.

• Master Page Items from a placed InDesign document are dropped when exporting to PDF.
• InDesign CS3 documents converted to InDesign CS4 reflow unexpectedly due to hyphenation limits.
• When exporting a document to .SWF, “mailto:” hyperlinks have “http://” appended to them, making them inoperable.
• Page turns are incorrect for right-to-left bound documents exported to SWF.

One Response to InDesign & InCopy update coming your way

  1. Nick Beadman says:

    Is there going to be a update to InDesign Debug or the SDK available? If so, how is going to be distributed?Yep. It will be available via the partners download area. Soon…