Pretty soon – the Creative Suite SDK

Those of you who attended the developer summit early this year heard us talk quite a bit about Patchpanel and Switchboard as programming environments for the Creative Suite. Advantages include being able to use Flex as a programming language, and cross-product development (plug-ins written for InDesign work in Illustrator, for example).

At MAX, I presented two hands-on sessions – How to write plug-ins for InDesign and How to write plug-ins for Photoshop – unfortunately not recorded – that discussed this technology, and improvements that we will be introducing in the near future. There is a brief overview of technologies at Molding the Creative Suite for any workflow that you might want to view.

Most importantly, if you are developing plug-ins for Creative Suite, you’ll want to get involved in the Creative Suite SDK pre-release. Select “”Creative Suite Developers” as the participation program. We won’t open until sometime in November – but sign up now so we make sure to include you.

As always, let me know if you have any questions…


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