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Creative Suite Enterprise Developer Summit Registration – OPEN

Yep – registration for the creative suite developer summit is now open – click here!

The Creative Suite Developer Summit is geared towards assisting Enterprise and In-House IT staff in their efforts to use Adobe Creative Suite Products to create information authoring and distribution solutions. Unlike MAX, this summit will focus specifically on tools and SDK’s for Creative Suite, and is a much more intimate conference – limited to 200 in-person attendees.

This five-day conference is free to attend, and will be of most interest to strategic product planners, information architects and technical managers.

Session details are located at:

Developer Summit Jazz Jam?

Here’s an interesting question. If I put together a Jazz Jam at the Developer summit, probably May 5th, would you come? Just watch? Or do you carry your keyboards with you?

Send me your thoughts…

(I play bass)

What can you expect at the 2010 Developer Summit

For anyone who haven’t attended a previous developer summit, you might be wondering what to expect.

Lucky you! We’ve been capturing presentations from the previous three years. Here’s a list of links…

Session List for Developer Summit is posted

I just finished the first cut at the sessions for the 2010 Developer Summit. Although there may be some minor additions or deletions, this should give you a pretty good idea of what we’ll be covering.

You can see the list here

First Announce – 2010 Creative Suite Developer Summit

This blog is dedicated to 3rd-Party Developers creating plug-ins and integrations for the Creative Suite. You’ll find notifications about important events – and this particular notice is of great importance!

The Annual Creative Suite Developer Summit will be held on May 3-7th, 2010 in Seattle, Washington. (You can find the 2009 recordings and agendas here. ) This year, we are expanding our Acrobat and Livecycle coverage in addition to the normal coverage on the Creative Suite products.

In contrast to MAX, the Creative Suite Developer is focused on Creative Suite developers and the SDK’s related to those products. We’ll talk about Flash and Flex, but only in the context of developing for Creative Suite.

The conference is free – but we limit attendance to 200 participants. You can also participate online, and review recordings, but the deep value is meeting with the engineers and product managers driving product decisions, and learning about Adobe strategies and directions. No surprise – we’ve found that Product Planners and Technology Architects gain the most benefits from this conference.

We are in the initial planning stages, and will make updates to the official site as we complete planning. You can watch our progress at

For now, pencil in the date. More details to follow…

Attend the Quarterly Developer Update for Q1, 2010

Don’t forget the upcoming Quarterly Developer update for Q1 of 2010. Once a quarter, we present information about changes and frequent issues related to developing products for the Creative Suite.

This Quarter, we’ll be presenting information about…

  • PixelBender: presentation by Kevin Goldsmith
  • Acrobat: presentation by Joel Geraci
  • Illustrator: presentation by Rajesh Budhiraja
  • Extension Manager: presentation by Scott Richards
  • Dreamweaver: presentation by Scott Fegette
  • Adobe Drive: presentation by Ken Toole

Watch the presentation at . The presentation will also be recorded, and a link will be posted on this blog.