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Creative Suite Developer Chat

Most mornings, I go down to Bowers Bakery and get a cup of coffee and some day-old pastries. Along the way, I talk with folks I know.

I was thinking it would be fun to meet some of my developer friends as well. Of course, since a bunch (most) of you are out of the United States (not to mention Portland) that would be difficult. But I think I might have the next best way.

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Are there spaces available for developers in the trade show booth?

“I’m a developer, and I would like to appear in the Adobe Tradeshow booth”

Sad news – we no longer travel with a large booth that has room for partners. HOWEVER….

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How to add additional developers to our ASN support account

Your ASN account provides support to your entire company. If you would like to add additional developers to your company account so that they can submit cases directly – instead of bothering you – here’s how.

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“Wouldn’t it be easier to email my support case?”

It sure would be convenient to email a developer support question directly to your favorite Adobe engineer. But they bounce, you shouldn’t and you really don’t want to.

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Why can’t I call and talk to someone at Adobe developer support?

Our current pathway for providing developer support doesn’t include calling and discussing issues with an Adobe Support Engineer (See Submitting a Developer Support Question). Here’s our reasoning why this isn’t available – at least initially.

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Adobe, plug-ins, Intel and Xcode

Apple’s recent changeover on processors, coupled with Metrowerk’s sale of cross-compiler technology formerly with Codewarrior has raised a lot of questions from plug-in developers.

This white paper – Developing for Macintosh computers that use Intel microprocessors. – addresses most of these issues. Rather than summarize a one-page brief, I’ll just copy the text and save you the effort of downloading the PDF.

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Plug-In Names and References

When you choose a name for your plug-ins, please be careful of Adobe trademarks. Also, when you refer to them in your advertising, be aware that there are restrictions.

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List your plug-ins with Design Tools Monthly

Design Tools Monthly is a newsletter mailed out to a wide range of graphic professionals. Jay Nelson, the editor, also writes columns for various publications, including

To list your product, send information via one of the following:

Send us your press releases

When you release press notices about your plug-in, be sure to include me. I’ll circulate them to press contacts I know, and will also circulate them internally.

Promoting yourself at the Adobe Studio Exchange

Adobe Studio Exchange provides a wide range of actions, plug-ins, extensions, tutorials, and other helper files for Adobe products. You can provide freeware and demo versions.

To upload, go to . Instructions for uploading are on the left-hand column.