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Using InDesign Server with Flex

As part of the Adobe developer week, we asked J.P. Terry, VP, Client Services, SmartDoc Technologies to present a case-study on how SmartDoc integrated InDesign Server with Flex. You can see the recorded presentation at…

The entire week of presentations can be found at

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InDesign ME and CE

Customers will sometimes ask you to support InDesign ME or InDesign CE. These are products created by Winsoft. Since these are licensed versions, it is difficult for us to obtain testing versions for developers.

InDesign 3 CE & ME as well as InCopy 3 CE & ME are built on an extended version of InDesign/InCopy. The extension makes it necessary to have a different SDK from the standard Adobe SDK. WinSoft does not provide a different SDK, but instead provides an “SDK supplement” that allows a developer to adapt his plug-in to the CE & ME versions.

Winsoft does support the enhanced SDK.