Attend the Quarterly Developer Update for Q1, 2010

Don’t forget the upcoming Quarterly Developer update for Q1 of 2010. Once a quarter, we present information about changes and frequent issues related to developing products for the Creative Suite.

This Quarter, we’ll be presenting information about…

  • PixelBender: presentation by Kevin Goldsmith
  • Acrobat: presentation by Joel Geraci
  • Illustrator: presentation by Rajesh Budhiraja
  • Extension Manager: presentation by Scott Richards
  • Dreamweaver: presentation by Scott Fegette
  • Adobe Drive: presentation by Ken Toole

Watch the presentation at . The presentation will also be recorded, and a link will be posted on this blog.

Quarterly Developer Update for Q1, 2010

Once again, the Quarterly Creative Suite Developer Update is happening January 14th, 2010 at 9:00 am Pacific time. If you are developing products, plug-ins, integrations or scripts that utilize any of the Creative Suite API’s, SDK’s or pages on, you’ll want to attend for the latest information.

To attend, point a browser at . Audio will be supplied through the connect room, with an alternate phone number available there.

This session will last about an hour, doesn’t require a reservation, and is free. Attending the actual online session provides you with the option of asking questions of the presenters, which are also answered online.

Sessions are recorded, and will be available shortly after the actual session. Watch this blog for links to those recordings.


InDesign Developer Briefing and Training

2010 Pre-launch Developer Briefing and Training:

Adobe Creative Suite, InDesign and InDesign Server Product and SDK.
(This is an NDA event for Developers, Partners and Consultants, A Non-Disclosure agreement needs to be signed)

The Adobe InDesign Products SDK (Software Development Kit) includes libraries, sample code, tools, and documentation for writing C++ based plug-ins, Script or JAVA based Solutions for InDesign, InCopy or InDesign Server. The Next major upgrade of the InDesign product family release contains many new features and strategic enhancements designed specifically for developers and partners.

When Adobe launches new versions and updates of our codebase, there will always be certain areas that influence the effort for developers porting existing solutions. The scope of this effort is different for different partners based on the level of integration. Porting also gives you the opportunity to change or enhance the quality of your products.

Adobe invites you to a free briefing to help you get a better understanding of what’s’ new in the upcoming InDesign/InDesign Server and the SDK. We will focusing on new content, enhancements, changes and porting. We will also share information about the new Creative Suite SDK Project.

Many Solution partners expressed a wish to develop their business offerings and target Enterprise Companies, therefore we will this year introduce Adobe® LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite integration as a topic on the agenda.

Your hosts and presenters for the briefing will be Roger Risdal, Sr. Partner Product Manager, InDesign Products, Adobe Systems together with engineering from Developer Technologies at Adobe. Ferdinand Schwörer from movemen GmbH, one of the leading Adobe technology consultant and developer training company is presenting as well as LiveCycle System Engineers from the Enterprise team at Adobe Systems.


  • Welcome & Introduction.
  • InDesign and InDesign Server, New features overview.
  • Break.

    • LiveCycle ES overview + InDesign Server Solution accelerators.
    • Creative Suite Wide CS-SDK Project.


    • InDesign SDK Changes – Part 1.
    • Porting strategies & recipes – Part 1.
      • Break.
    • InDesign SDK Changes – Part 2.
    • Porting strategies & recipes- Part 2.
    • Open discussion, QA session.

    For dates, locations, detailed agenda and to sign up for the event, please visit:

    The numbers of seats is limited. Free of charge, (Attendees needs to pay for their own travel and hotel)

    This full day briefing/Training will take place at following locations:

    • Munich, Germany: Wednesday 27th January
    • London, UK Monday: 1st February
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands: Tuesday 2nd February
    • Raanana, Israel: Tuesday 9th February
    • Milano, Italy: Friday 12th February
    • New York, USA: Thursday 18th February
    • Copenhagen, Denmark: Friday 26th February

2009 CSBU Developer Summit Recordings

oops! Looks like I forgot to link the developer summit to my blog. If you’re wondering where the recordings are, look here …

Pretty soon – the Creative Suite SDK

Those of you who attended the developer summit early this year heard us talk quite a bit about Patchpanel and Switchboard as programming environments for the Creative Suite. Advantages include being able to use Flex as a programming language, and cross-product development (plug-ins written for InDesign work in Illustrator, for example).

At MAX, I presented two hands-on sessions – How to write plug-ins for InDesign and How to write plug-ins for Photoshop – unfortunately not recorded – that discussed this technology, and improvements that we will be introducing in the near future. There is a brief overview of technologies at Molding the Creative Suite for any workflow that you might want to view.

Most importantly, if you are developing plug-ins for Creative Suite, you’ll want to get involved in the Creative Suite SDK pre-release. Select “”Creative Suite Developers” as the participation program. We won’t open until sometime in November – but sign up now so we make sure to include you.

As always, let me know if you have any questions…


Interested in your thoughts about e-commerce

I’m wondering about what developers (you) need from an e-commerce system. Are there things you like? Hate? etc?

If you have some opinions, send me an email, and lets set up a time to chat…

mnr at

InDesign & InCopy update coming your way

Heads up!

Adobe is releasing a CS4 updater via the Adobe Update Manager – just went live this morning (February 25th) – and I apologize for the late update.

This update provides key fixes in the areas of Scripting, Master Pages, Digital Editions, Import/Export Graphics, as well as other miscellaneous issues.

Here are a few specific bug fixes included in the dot release. See the read me for the full list.

• Master Page Items from a placed InDesign document are dropped when exporting to PDF.
• InDesign CS3 documents converted to InDesign CS4 reflow unexpectedly due to hyphenation limits.
• When exporting a document to .SWF, “mailto:” hyperlinks have “http://” appended to them, making them inoperable.
• Page turns are incorrect for right-to-left bound documents exported to SWF.

Recording of January 15, 2009 Developer Update

If you missed the January Quarterly Developer Update, you can still watch it here.

Adobe InDesign and InDesign Server CS4 SDK Post-launch Developer Briefing

Roger Risdal is sponsoring two events for InDesign developers regarding the InDesign SDK. If you are a Skilled C+, Java, Developers or high skill scripting engineers and have a good understanding of the InDesign prod family SDK – AND can make it to New York or Munchen, you’ll find this useful…

Continue reading…

New tools for developing and automating across the Creative SUite – MAX presentation

If you couldn’t attend my “New Tools” session at MAX in San Francisco, you can watch it at Adobe TV. This presentation discusses Flexbuilder, ESTK (Extendscript Toolkit), Extendscript, IDML, Pixelbender, Configurator, Photoshop Panels, Patchpanel and Switchboard. This is a great overview of these technologies and when to use which technology, and for what.

Note that this presentation is mis-labeled as “rocket science.” oops!

View it here.