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The following was written by some of our core engineers. Thanks to Sanjeev Biswas, Kanika Dalmia and Vikalp Gupta for authoring this post.

One Adobe Creative Suite 5 offering is a Design Suite Premium subscription pilot in Australia. Adobe’s desktop subscription initiative started off as a pilot project for the Australian market for Adobe Creative Suite 3. Adobe released a full-featured subscription version of CS3 Design Premium that users could purchase on an affordable, month-to-month or annual subscription.
Customers in Australia are excited about the subscription option. The low monthly subscription fee offers a number of advantages to these customers. The cost to begin using Creative Suite software is lower and there is no large, up-front investment. Product subscriptions also provide “pay when you need” flexibility to customers. With the month-to-month subscription plan you can turn off access and payment when you don’t need the software. Apart from the pricing advantage, the subscription edition entitles the user to complimentary version upgrades/updates during the active subscription period. Our student edition of Design Premium Subscription Edition is also very popular with the student community. Students can take advantage of the latest Design Premium software whenever they need it without high out-of-pocket costs, whether for a semester or an entire school term.
With Adobe’s CS4 subscription edition, the user was provided a Subscription enabled Design Suite Premium Installer with a separate Subscription Manager application. The Subscription Manager application provided the user with an interface to sign-up, purchase, activate and deactivate a subscription. This application was launched post installation and remained in the user’s system dock. However, there were usability issues relating to error handling in the Subscription Manager. The main problem was that errors were not communicated to the user. There wasn’t any notification to the user of errors in the subscription process or the cause of those errors. This lack of error transparency created a higher number of customer support calls than is normal for Adobe products.
Along with Adobe Creative Suite 5 another subscription edition pilot is planned for release in Australia. The CS5 version will use the Adobe Application Manager to enable purchase, trial, serialization, activation and deactivation of the product This is the same Adobe Application Manager that enables CS5 products to install, serialize and license with the world-wide perpetual license. An integrated subscription handling in the Application Manager facilitates better and more precise error reporting. Integration with the Application Manager also ensures consistency with the perpetually licensed software. There is no longer a need for a separate Subscription Manager application, creating a cohesive user experience.
Just like perpetual licenses, subscribing to Design Suite Premium CS5 provides the user with access to Adobe’s CS Live services. With the subscription edition, the user can benefit from the rich feature set & product portfolio of Design Suite Premium along with the bundled online service package without shelling out the full product price up front.
Buy Subscriptions: http://www.adobe.com/au/products/creativesuite/design/subscription/mm/
Note: The subscription edition for CS5 is shortly forthcoming for current subscription edition users and for new purchasers. It is not quite yet available for purchase at the time of this post. Hold on, its coming soon.

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  1. David Doull says:

    Im wondering why the normal (not subscription) upgrade for Adobe products is more if you are in Australia. In most cases it is 50% more than the US price! And that’s for the download version. I dont mind upgrading but I feel really ripped off if I have to pay 50% more than people in the US/Canada for no apparent reason. It’s the main reason I didnt upgrade to flash cs4.
    It would be really nice if someone from Adobe responded as normal comments about unfair pricing just get ignored.

  2. Pete says:

    This is an excellent idea. It makes legitimacy of your software really accessible for the little guys.
    Is there any plans for releasing this with your other Creative Suites (most notably Production Premium)?

  3. Eric Wilde says:

    I’m afraid I really can’t provide an adequate response for you since I really focus on engineering issues. I’ve forwarded your comment to the appropriate business folks to see if I can get a response.

  4. Eric Wilde says:

    I can’t really comment on what we might offer in this area in the future.

  5. Paul says:

    Is there an update on the release date of the subscription edition of CS5?

  6. Eric Wilde says:

    I cannot formally provide a release date; but, I do expect it to complete shortly. We’re in testing right now.

  7. Dale Hurley says:

    “the subscription edition entitles the user to complimentary version upgrades/updates during the active subscription period.”
    It would be really good if Adobe actually did send out the disks to upgrade!

  8. Eric Wilde says:

    We just reached the GM build for the subscription version today. It should become available within the next couple of business days.

  9. Per-Ulf says:

    The address http://www.adobe.com/go/eduverify
    does not lead to any possibility to fill in for eligibility.
    How do I get a serial number for my new student edition of CS5?
    No answer to be found anywhere . . .

  10. Eric Wilde says:

    Step 1 points to the page that should have a form (once you enter your Adobe ID.) Customer support is well versed in walking customers through this issue. If you do run into snags customer support will be the quickest route to resolution.

  11. Peta Shepherd says:

    Hi, I’ve been a CS4 subscription user for a year and a half now. When will the CS5 upgrade be coming to me? It’s now June 15.
    Meanwhile I downloaded the trial in a separate folder. However it has now stuffed up my CS4 as well. I can’t even reload the software because for some reason it is no longer recognising my serial no. I’ve asked for Support help but had no reply. Can you tell me where to go for Support on this?
    Thanks, Peta

  12. Eric Wilde says:

    It should have already shipped. I’ll follow up with you in email.

  13. Leomarie says:

    Are subscribers on the bottom of the list to get updates?
    We received the serial and a dozen announcements that CS5 is coming and invitations to attend seminars. What’s missing is the actual software. Subscription support is just a black hole not even acknowledging requests for info. A dead dog. Presently it seems that subscribers pay a premium price for previous versions while CS5 is available to anybody else. Why this disdain for your subscribers? To get more clients?

    • Eric Wilde says:


      I believe the updates did go out for CS5 subscription users. I’ll follow up with you in email.

  14. Leomarie says:

    And yes, compliments where compliments are due. Within a few hours after my previous rant the issue was resolved and the CS5 upgrade was on it’s way. Thank You, Eric.

  15. Moira Conn says:

    I have just bought the Student and Teacher Edition of Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.

    It states that I must obtain my serial number and complete installation of your Adobe and Teacher Edition software. I must apply for a serial number to use this product beyond the 30 day trial period.

    To obtain your serial number, follow the instructions at http://www.adobe.com/go/verify.

    I cannot find it – where do look now?

    Moira Conn

    • Eric Wilde says:


      I believe the correct link for education serial number validation is:


      This will take you to a web page to enter your product code and provide your educational qualifications.

    • Frank Compton says:

      I have just purchased a student & teacher version of CS5, and Adobe recommended the website links where I obtain the serial numbers, buit, here’s the thing, why don’t they work? Could someone explained why all the Adobe links leads to nowhere, with no explanation as to what next to do?

      go/verify and go/eduverify all come up as broken links.

      Could someone at Adobe inform those of us in this predicament as to what steps we need to take in order to get our serial numbers

      • Eric Wilde says:


        There could be any number of issues here. One is that there were a couple of server outages over the weekend that may have effected you. Those have been rectified.

        Assuming that the problem is not a server outage, then the next thing to do is ensure the right URL is used. The following Knowledge Base article addresses the most common causes of failure in this workflow:


        Note that the URL used (according to this KB article) is http://www.adobe.com/go/edu-validate

        If you still are blocked please send me an email directly (ewilde@adobe.com) and I’ll see what we can do.

  16. how much more difficult can you make this

  17. LAUREN says:

    this is an absolute joke,
    noone is respnding to my emails
    the information given is all incorrect and i keep being told that my coupon code does not exist..

  18. anna says:

    As per Lauren on the 28 Sept.2010. I used the link to http://www.adobe.com/go/edu-validate and when it asked for the serial number (in my case I only have a Coupon Code number in the box ) and the system would not accept that number.

    Please help.

    • Eric Wilde says:

      If the serial number isn’t valid then the best bet is to call customer support and work with them to fix. If you become stalled with customer support then please email me:

      product and version purchased
      platform (OS, version, 64/32 bit, etc.)
      serial number(s)

      Please don’t post the serial numbers as a comment here.

      You can reach me directly via email at ewilde@adobe.com

  19. michele morese says:

    can you please help me to activate my photshop cs5 bought from the apple store as i am a student and i need a code after 30 days

  20. Isaac O. Nwuju says:

    Unable to install the Adobe Flash Professional CS5, Student and Teacher Edition. It says
    “Please close all of the following applications to continue:
    Adobe Bridge (Bridge. exe)
    Exit Code 24”

    Product Code: data retracted by moderator

    • Eric Wilde says:


      That means the Bridge application must be terminated before proceeding the install. Please close the Bridge application and then try to install.

  21. Isaac O. Nwuju says:

    Please provide me with a valid working product code. I need this software for my class assignments in Multimedia Design. It’s unfair for Adobe to collect money from me for software that does not work.
    My Student ID is: identifying customer information redacted by moderator
    Your immediate attention will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    Isaac O. Nwuju

    • Eric Wilde says:


      Student credentials must be verified through the normal means. This particular blog is staffed by product managers and core engineers. We cannot handle all customer service requests. To understand how to verify your student credentials please see inserts in your box. You can also find instructions here:


      You need to find the section on that web page that correctly describes your purchase and then follow the instructions. If that doesn’t work, you’ll get a much faster response if you call customer service directly.

  22. Ryan Hovingh says:


    Can you stop and start the subscription process. Say, for example, I don’t need it for one month but I do the next. Can I stop it temporarily?


    • Eric Wilde says:

      You have to cancel the subscription and then repurchase it. There is a time window where you can just restart the subscription with existing credentials and credit card; but, with the CS5 offering I’m not quite sure what that time window is. If you have problems, feel free to email me directly at ewilde@adobe.com.

  23. Andy Whitaker says:

    Hi, I opened a support call to supply the necessary proof (Student ID etc.) to receive a the serial number or activation key for the Photoshop Extended Student & Teacher edition. I can see the open case on the portal with the attached file to provide proof, which was uploaded as a PDF file. After three days I received an e-mail asking me to do supply exactly the same information but with a new case number.

    I rang the supplied telephone number and was asked to complete this form.


    Andy Whitaker

    • Eric Wilde says:


      If it doesn’t move forward quickly at this point please send me the case # and I’ll escalate the issue so that there is fast resolution.

      You can send me the info to my direct email at ewilde@adobe.com

  24. Jani van den Berg says:

    Hi im also trying to validate the CS5 master collection- but the coupon code i have is only thirteen letters (and numbers) long – what an i supposed to do also the link that is stated on on the box —- http://www.adobe.com/go.eduverify—- gets an error404 when i try to go there – help would really be appreciated

  25. sophia grobler says:

    We tried to validate my CS5 EXTENDED YESTERDAY. All I want to know is it now validated?

  26. I am told I can use this website only for 24h and I have to go to class. When I’ll come back , the 24h will be expired? Iam now desperate for the validation as I complied with everything you expected.

  27. Hi, It is now 13ho5. Can you please tell me the answer on my questions.
    Thank you.

    • Eric Wilde says:


      This blog is not a customer service organization. It is intended as a communication channel between Adobe’s customers and Adobe core engineering. I do occasionally handle customer support issues just to make life easier for us all; but, its not my primary responsibility and I’m much slower than customer service itself. In addition, I’m just one person and in the US Pacific Time Zone.

      If you need quick response to any issue you should work with customer service.

      Customer Service can be contacted online here:

      And by the telephone in the UK here:
      0207 365 0735 (Education Purchase Issues)


  28. Dear Madam / Sir,

    I plan to buy a Teacher and Student edition for my daughter who is in school. I would be able to buy the CS5 edition. Her school may have a lower version. How can I use the lower version at home too.

    Thanking you


    • Eric Wilde says:


      When buying the Student edition you’ll need to provide verification that you (or your daughter) is a student. Once that is complete, assuming you purchase a normal retail copy of the Creative Suite student edition, then you should be able to install and activate the software on two systems.

      Note that CS5.5 has been released and generally people are only able to purchase the latest copy. So its more likely that you’ll be purchasing CS5.5.


  29. Steve says:

    Are subscriptions installable on 2 machines like the physical cd versions?

  30. mauricio says:

    I need my serial number

  31. Chrisso says:

    Have purchased teacher addition however when completing online info to get my serial number I can not attach my proof of eligibility?
    The options are there to attach 3 proof docs however cannot be clicked on?
    Help please

  32. Also need my serial number, every number I put in does not work! This is real dead-end, do not understand why it is so difficult. I am a student and I need to get my photos done in two days!!!!

  33. I have been trying for a month to get my serial number. I am a student and my teacher has sent in my receipt for the class and I letter stating that I am taking the class. He is as frustrated as I am.

  34. Irene Aitken says:

    I am currently using the trial version of PS CS5 for student teacher, does it come with ACR? My raw files are just opening straight into PS as jpegs. Please Help!

  35. Kristen Lechte says:

    Hi I have purchased the student/teacher edition of Photoshop CS5 and the link http://www.adobe.com/go/eduverify leads to nothing. When I found the correct link it requires me to enter a product code which I don’t have, I only have a coupon number. Can you please help as I have already sent an email regarding the above information last week and I have not received a reply. Thanks for your help, its greatly appreciated.

    • Eric Wilde says:


      I’ve asked a customer support person to reach out to you at the address you provided for this comment. If you don’t hear from them within 24 hours please send me a private email and I’ll escalate the issue (ewilde@adobe.com.)

  36. Diane Sundberg says:

    I and a mess of others from the look on the web are trying to activate our new software, I’m trying to do my nieces while I’m visiting from out of state.
    But the website that we are directed to takes us to an ident-e site which seems to be having major issues. I can occasionally get to step 2 but then it times out, majority of the time I cant even get to step 1.

    This is a serious lack of consideration for your customers, seriously. I spent a lot of money on this for her & it can not be returned due to being opened. I have gotten other retail versions of adobe products but after this I really am rethinking about recommeneding any adobe products. Yes, I am irrated because my niece is now disappointed & I have no idea if we will be able to get this expensive product registered before I leave.

    • Eric Wilde says:

      Diane and others,

      You’ll generally get a much faster response by contacting Adobe customer support directly. We’re just two individuals trying to keep up this blog about installation and licensing (and both on holiday right now.) I’ve gone ahead an put in customer support requests for Diane, Randy and Spencer.

  37. Spencer Call says:

    I am currently on https://www.studentteacherlicensing.com/ trying to obtain my serial number because none of your other links work. I’m looking at the back of my product box (I recently got Flash CS5.5) and I am putting in the desired letters and numbers. I’ve put it in multiple times and it still says that my product code is not correct. If Adobe has sent me a faulty product code then I want my money back. This whole serial number crap is causing a heck of a lot of trouble.

  38. Allan Ferver says:

    please, please cancel my subscription immediately…….

  39. Danger says:

    I have CS5. It did not have extended Subscription crap attached to it. After an update it does and it won’t start or allow into CS5.


    Pathetic Marketing crap

  40. arthur lloyd says:

    I have just bought Photoshop light room 5 Student and teacher edition I cannot register and activate it

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