AAMEE Prerelease Full

Our prerelease program is full. Thanks for all the interest.
Note that the full release is coming out in early June. It will be public and freely available. We won’t have everything we want in the June release; but, it should be valuable to use at that time. We expect follow on releases throughout the year.

12 Responses to AAMEE Prerelease Full

  1. Jeromy says:

    According to http://www.adobe.com/devnet/creativesuite/ AAMEE should be out today (“Creative Suite 5 Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition (Available May 28, 2010)”). Where is it? I need to get some work done!

  2. Eric Wilde says:

    We do have a Windows GM build that is now going through the readme generation and posting process. Let me see if I can get an ETA for you.
    The Mac build has a blocking bug found from the prerelease testers and we’re trying to fix it ASAP.

  3. Eric says:

    Will the AAMEE be release soon, I need to deploy the creative suite cs5 soon, I really waiting for the AAMEE

  4. Scott says:

    Any info on the AAMEE? Would really like something, even if it’s a “it’s not ready yet” kind of message. CS5’s been out for a month & we haven’t been able to deploy it.

  5. Victoria Selwyn says:

    Our Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition is posting today, June 1. The Mac OS version is being release as ‘Preview’ due to an issue that requires the end user to be logged in when deploying a package via ARD.

  6. Frank says:

    How soon can we expect a release?

  7. Morten Knudsen says:

    I can live with that issue, will the preview be available trough LWS today?

  8. AJ says:

    …when today…cause it’s today…

  9. Eddie Menjivar says:

    Jun1st is here… Where is the AAMEE? Looked everywhere… Thx – em

  10. aceHi75 says:

    I’ve been wondering when it’s going to be released as well. I’ve gotten the pre-release, but had a strange issue when packaging for 64-bit operating systems: it would package and install just fine, but when you launched the program, it would ask for a serial number; it didn’t do this on the 32-bit installations.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Seems like Microsoft has bought ADOBE!

  12. Doug Lawhead says:

    I can’t speak for the Widows side of the world, but this entire thing is a train wreck on the Mac side. In addition to the delays in getting AAMEE out here my campus software manager has been unable to download the full installers for the Master Collection (fails every time at about 60 percent completed) and then what is the deal with Acrobat not being ready??? AAMEE is worthless until I can get my hands on the full installers. If Adobe would just follow standard installation processes (packages like everyone else) and return control of registration and updates to the user then mass deployments would be much easier and I would not even need AAMEE.

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