Dreamweaver/Browser Lab Patch

A Dreamweaver CS5/Browser Lab patch was released last week. Our data is showing about a 20% failure rate for this patch actually getting successfully installed; but, we have had zero escalations from customers. If anyone has had a failure with this patch please contact us so we can try to understand why the patch is failing for customers.
We do have a couple of cases internally where the patch failed to install and have fixes for these issues; but, we don’t know if customers are seeing the same problems or different problems. Note that other CS5 patches already released tend to have a much higher success rate. Thus far its only this patch that seems to have problems.

4 Responses to Dreamweaver/Browser Lab Patch

  1. David says:

    Patch failed for me, too.

  2. FWIW, the Dreamweaver CS5 11.0.3 doesn’t show up in Adobe Updater for any of our systems. After manually downloading/applying the DW CS5 11.0.3 patch, Adobe Updater now shows DW CS5 11.0.2 as an available update (attempting to install this update will fail). Seems like something’s not quite right…

  3. Kevin says:

    I am also experiencing .02 failure. I’ve tried the download as well as AAM, both fail.

    Now that .03 shows up in AAM, it also fails

    Vista 64

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