Adobe Application Manager, Enterprise Edition Now Available

Adobe posted the certified version of the Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition on our Developer Connection web page as well as our Licensing Web Sit today. You can find the Developer Connection downloads here:
CS5 Enterprise Deployment Toolkit (AAMEE)
Both Windows and Mac versions of freely available to all who wish to use them, including documentation. However, the MacOS version is a “Preview” version only due to a known issue with regard to deploying packages through ARD. When deploying through ARD a user is currently required to be logged in on the target system. We’re trying to fix this bug ASAP and will repost the MacOS version once the bug is fixed and a new build is certified. Current plans are to repost with the ARD fix so that no user is required to be logged in to the target system before the end of June.
Updated: It took much longer than expected to push to production; but, AAMEE should now be available on both LWS and the above URL. The above URL now points to production as well.

73 Responses to Adobe Application Manager, Enterprise Edition Now Available

  1. Anonymous says:

    Heya – I cannot access that URL from my current IP address for some bizarre reason.

  2. Reed says:

    Doesn’t seem to be working yet.
    “Access denied
    We’re sorry, you are not allowed access to the service you requested.
    If you feel you should have access, please contact the appropriate authorities and give them your IP address:
    Thank you for your patience.”
    And the Adobe Dev Connection page is not updated yet, FYI.

  3. Mike Boylan says:

    This is what I’m getting when I click your link:
    Fixing this as soon as possible would be much appreciated.
    Mike Boylan
    Student IT Assoc Sys Admin
    Mac OS X / Mac OS X Server
    Robert Morris University

  4. Kurt Whitman says:

    The link to the CS5 Enterprise Deployment Toolkit (AAMEE) appears to be to a staging site (and there is a typo in the first sentence). I have been on the phone with a guy named Kash in India for more than an hour and I am having no luck explaining to him that the public facing page is and the application is not linked, just text saying, “Creative Suite 5 Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition (Available May 28, 2010).”

  5. Jonathan says:

    I receive an Access Denied message from the above link indicating that I should contact the “appropriate authorities” for access. How do I do that?

  6. Eric Wilde says:

    Some folks have been able to get into the staging server. We’re trying to get the push to production completed ASAP and I’m hoping within a couple of hours it will be pushed. I’ll update here as soon as it is pushed to production.

  7. Jacob says:

    Same results here as everyone else:
    “Access denied
    We’re sorry, you are not allowed access to the service you requested.
    If you feel you should have access, please contact the appropriate authorities and give them your IP address:
    Thank you for your patience.”
    The anticipation is building…

  8. Nate says:

    Will this be released today? It is still not posted on the website provided (The internal website is still prohibited and the public-facing one still says it will be released on May 28th).
    Thanks for all the work you’ve put into this. I look forward to using the new tool.

  9. Howard Pycock says:

    AAMEE still not available here. Also checked the LWS ( and not listed either.

  10. Scott says:

    Hm. Nope, not posted yet. Ah well, I guess I could start deploying MS Paint & Notepad to all my Mac users, they don’t need any of that fancy “magic wand” stuff anyway.

  11. aceHi75 says:

    I was wondering what the status of the AAMEE push was…anxiously waiting over here… =)

  12. Anonymous says:

    I get access denied when I try to download this…

  13. Danny Simmons says:

    Next day, still not pushed to production. Any updates?

  14. Jeff Bernstein says:

    Eric, you’re such a tease! 😎
    Will this be fixed today?

  15. Mike Boylan says:

    Just snagged it off the production site as apparently it’s been released.
    Any reason this would be happening though, Eric? I can’t get past the first screen!

  16. aceHi75 says:

    So, we ran into a pretty serious issue using AAMEE; users will not be able to use the help functions because AIR and the community help application aren’t installed. When you install one of the CS5 programs that was packaged using the AAMEE tool, and you either go to the help menu, or press ‘f1’, it will appear the program locks-up for 2-3 minutes, and then this error box is displayed:
    “Adobe ‘program name’ CS5 Help content is not installed, or the installation has been damaged. Please reinstall ‘program name’.”
    This is probably a show-stopper for our organization as this will generate a huge problem for our help desk.
    Any chance this will be solved quickly?

  17. Eric Wilde says:

    I think the problem is that the AIR-based applications, such as community help, are in the exceptions list for the PKG/MSI output. This should be listed in the documentation.
    Let me ask one of the core engineering to confirm.

  18. Victoria Selwyn says:

    The reason the Community Help Client is listed in the exceptions folder is because it is an AIR based app. Air based applications access the MSI database. Since the MSI technology does not support recursive MSIs, there is no way to wrap these payloads in our packages. Instructions for deploying AIR apps can be found at
    One question. Do your end users have internet access? The Community Help Client requires internet access. The alternative is to supply users with a PDF version of the help.

  19. jon says:

    Hi Eric, I have to say I’m so glad to see this software arrive!
    we had so much trouble with CS4!
    I am trying to build a package for Mac although seem to be stumbling at the very first step,
    for whatever I choose when asked to ‘Locate the Product Installation Folder’ I am told ‘A Valid Installer Could not be found.’
    I have attempted to push toward a downloaded version of the software taken from LWS, the physical DVD, and also a mounted ISO of the DVD but all seem to bring up the same issue?

  20. Jacob says:

    Has Adobe provided a method for rolling any updates into the enterprise deployment after it has been created?
    This has always been a problem in the past with everything except for Acrobat and Reader.
    A year down the road when there are tons of updates on top of the base product, it becomes a nuisance for our users. They install the product, and then are barraged with a massive number of updates. For security, and sanity, it would be good to be able to incorporate updates into the administrative install points for the CS5 products.

  21. René Frej Nielsen says:

    I’ve deployed the suites on both Mac and Windows and it works, although it was an unpleasent surprise to find that I had to push the applications in the exceptions folder manually.
    I’ve deployed Adobe Media Player and Adobe Help successfully, but AdobePDFSettings won’t install and tells me this: “Please install PDF Settings CS5 using Setup.exe”.
    How do I push out this MSI file?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hi Victoria,
    Thanks for the response.
    90% of our clients do have outward-facing internet access, but we do have users that run these programs in a stand-alone environment, as well as laptops that are being used offline. I’m assuming these users have no choice but to use the .pdf? I’m assuming from your response that there is a way to deploy the AIR and community help apps silently? Will doing this then give them access to all of the help files? Will we be able to deploy the product, (i.e. Photoshop CS5), then silently deploy AIR and the community help app, and have it integrate into the products?
    We’re pretty concerned because we believe this will generate a large number of issues with our help-desk. Most of our seasoned Adobe product users are no-doubt used to just pressing ‘f1’ and getting the help menu, and we would like to make the transition to the CS5 products as seamless as possible.
    Thanks for your time.

  23. Brad says:

    I am having the same problem.

  24. Ryan says:

    Is there a supported way to include updates/patches as a part of the deployment process? If not, is there at least a document somewhere on how to run the AdobePatchInstaller.exe silently?

  25. unexpectedpanda says:

    @Mike Boylan: Did you copy both application DVDs to a folder on the hard drive? I got that error because I only copied the first.

  26. Eric Wilde says:

    Ryan (and Jacob),
    We cannot yet include patches as part of the deployment process with AAMEE its high on the list to do and should come in an update as soon as possible. As for a silent way of running the patch, let me see if I can get an engineer to respond.

  27. Anil Berry says:

    Download update from AUM (from Help->Update option) or Unzip compressed file, it will have an executable file name ‘AdobePatchInstaller.exe’ (on Mac application file named
    To execute the patch in silent mode, execute the following command:-
    Mac: sudo [Path to]/Contents/MacOS/AdobePatchInstaller –mode=silent
    Win: [Path to AdobePatchInstaller.exe] –mode=silent

  28. Jeff Bernstein says:

    While we are on the topic of updates, can AAMEE be used after a deployment to perform a mass update?

  29. Eric Wilde says:

    Although AAMEE can’t be used to package updates yet, it is very high on our todo list and I expect we’ll get to it soon.
    That said, the silent deployment of patches outlined by Anil above can be scripted for mass updates.

  30. Sumita says:

    Hi Jon,
    There can be 2 possible reasons for this issue
    1) Please make sure that the product install folder that you are providing the path to, contains (for mac) or Set-up.exe (for win). It seems that you might be pointing to a top level folder.
    2) If you are using multi-disk installer, please merge its contents using the steps below:
    (a)Create a folder and use it as product install folder. The product install folder contains all of the installation files and resources that you will use to create packages with the Application Manager.
    (b)Copy the contents of multiple DVDs to your product install folder using the steps specified below:
    (i) Mount or insert Disk 1, and copy the contents to your product install folder. For example,
    /MCSuiteBuild/Adobe CS5 Master Collection/.
    (ii) Mount or insert Disk 2, and copy the contents of the payloads/folder to the payloads/folder in your product install folder. For example, /MCSuiteBuild/Adobe CS5 Master Collection/payloads/.
    When asked if you want to overwrite files and folders, click “Yes to all”.
    (c)Provide path of this product install folder in “Locate the product install folder” text-box and continue with the package creation process.

  31. Tushar Bammi says:

    Hi René,
    Please use the following command for installation of PDF settings –
    msiexec.exe /i AdobePDFSettings10-mul.msi ADOBE_SETUP=1 /qn
    This command is also mentioned in ExceptionInfo.txt file which is present inside the Exceptions folder.
    Please let us know if you are still facing issues even by using the above command.

  32. Jacob says:

    I don’t know that I care to “package” updates with the AAMEE as MSIs.
    What I would prefer to do is to be able to integrate them into the existing install points created by the AAMEE so that when the user installs the application, they are actually installing the updated version rather than having to sit through a massive number of updates as well as the installer itself.

  33. Claire says:

    I’m having this same problem too with “a valid installer could not be found”, even though I have followed the directions to creating a Product Install Folder and there is a setup.exe in there.
    Is there anything else I could try?

  34. Eric Wilde says:

    With CS5 in the retail installer it is possible to place an update in the payloads folder it will deploy as expected with the main product install. I’m not sure what happens with AAMEE. Let me see if I can get one of the core engineers to respond.

  35. Eric Wilde says:

    “With CS5 in the retail installer it is possible to place an update in the payloads folder it will deploy as expected with the main product install. I’m not sure what happens with AAMEE. Let me see if I can get one of the core engineers to respond.”
    Let me clarify that after talking with the engineering team:
    The internal product team has to rerun their media assembly after putting a patch in the payloads folder. So this isn’t something that is possible for external customers. However, any product that does rerun their media assembly with a patch will be supported both by retain and AAMEE workflows.
    This means that if a product is shipped later (say a slipstreamed version of Photoshop, not that such a thing is currently planned) which includes a patch in its payloads then that patch will be deployed at initial install time. So a slip streamed product could include whatever patches that product has produced by that time.

  36. Jacob says:

    That really doesn’t help me any.
    We (we being enterprise customers) need a way to deploy the application with updates without having the user sit through an arduous update process (using adobe updater).
    This has been achieved with the Acrobat installer by using MSPs.
    Yes, I know that the “MSI” generated by the AAMEE is simply a wrapper for setup.exe, so in its current incarnation it is not feasible since you can’t generate an MSP patch for a wrapper.
    At least give us an “Updates” folder similar to what Microsoft did with the Office 2007 and Office 2010 installers. Any patch placed in that folder will be chained at the end of the installer automatically, simplifying the deployment process.
    Can we get a solution to this, please?

  37. craig fisher says:

    How can I get Flash Player 10 to show in full screen?

  38. Eric Wilde says:

    Craig, sorry; but, that’s not really an area I know at all. There are various books and websites on Flash Player usage that should be able to help. They can generally be found through your favorite search engine.

  39. Eric Wilde says:

    I hear you and agree that this is valuable. I can’t commit to when it can be delivered at this time. Let me say the need back to you to make sure I have it straight.
    As a deployment specialist for volume deployments of Adobe’s Creative Suite (and similar) products I need to easily include the latest patches along with the product in the initial volume deployment so that my user does not have to endure both a long installation and a subsequent long update.

  40. Lee Ramsay says:

    I’m also getting the “valid installer could not be found” message, despite the fact I followed the deployment pdf’s EXACTLY. I have copied both discs, combined payloads folder, and there’s no where I can point the “Application Manager Enterprise Edition” to recognise a legitimate copy.
    Can someone please explain to me what I’m doing wrong ASAP, I depend on this working so that I can actually deploy it in our environment.

  41. Jan G. Laursen says:

    I can’t install the AAMEE.
    See this screenshot –
    That’s what I see when I try. Both on Win 7 and Vista.
    Any ideas to a solution?

  42. John Goss says:

    Is there any news on when this bug in the Mac version of the deployment software is going to be resolved?

  43. Eric Wilde says:

    John, we have a Mac version in certification testing now and expect to release a fix early July.

  44. Eric Wilde says:

    Jan and Lee, I’ll pass off to a core engineer and let them respond in email.

  45. Jan G. Laursen says:

    Eric, they have responded with a positive answer.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Emily says:

      hi Jan, could you please forward this email to me so i can use it coz im facing the same issue and am an amateur in tech… Thanks!

    • Christer says:

      Could you please share this solution with the rest of the world. I belive there are tons of people having this problem…

  46. Anonymous says:

    Yes, that is an accurate representation of the needs of any enterprise deployment.

  47. Johny says:

    I just want to say thank you so much for this. We did not use CS4 so I do not know how that was, but this is so, so, so, much better than CS3.
    I had one thing that bugged me. I wanted to make a separate package for each application, so I had to re-enter almost identical information each time; would have been nice to be able to enter that in just once and been able to select an option to create single packages for each.

  48. janet leslie says:

    Software updates, system updates after a fresh erase & install. i’ve installed Adobe Reader & Pro 9: next i was prompted to download shockwave player and adobecameraraw: i get errors that say:
    “Adobe Application Manager is needed to update your product. Adobe appplication manager is needed to resolve this problem, however it is missing or damaged. Downlad a new copy of AAM from or install this product again.
    i also odn Adobe PSE8, CS4, but have had TWO damaged optical drives [i exceeded the number of installed permitted on PSE8 snd….NEVER…. got use it! i pad $90, when it came out, and went through many system reinstalls…. and Adobe never “forgave” … all i got was the $20 rebate
    So there is NO way i want to risk putting in the CS4 disk [2 wks ago this 2nd optimal drive left scratches on the install disk] and if i try the PSD8 disk, it will only give me that same old “activation screen.”
    ANY solutions please…. to ANY of the problems? i used to have Adobe Reader Pro 9 … guess what.
    Help please.
    i am going to try to get my email set up on wowway … sp that address would be
    ty so very much. Please forgive if i’ve
    jan leslie
    (is it safe to buy CS5 yet? i am on MAC 10.6.4 – i have the iMac and the macbookpro. ty

  49. Eric Wilde says:

    I’ll respond to you in email. It sounds like a string of bad luck. There are probably some things we can do.

  50. Eric Wilde says:

    We’ve tried contacting you directly through email but haven’t received a response. Please email me at if you want to continue investigation with the engineering team.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Any chance of the next version of AAMEE for the Mac creating actual Apple Package compliant packages? The current tool creates a shell of a package (that is payload free) that then relays on a set of scripts (preflight, postflight, etc.) to mount disk images and run another installer to actually install the applications. This causes a host of problems with many deployment tools that are expecting a valid package file.
    The admin UI of AAMEE is great, nice and simple to use; however, the resulting “installer package” that it creates is lacking.
    Apple has an extensive Software Delivery Guide documentation on their developer website.
    Please improve AAMEE to better support one of the preferred methods of deploying software in an enterprise environment.

  52. Eric Wilde says:

    I’d love to get more details on what problems you encounter with our current PKG solution. Can you provide more details?
    I agree that our current solution is a straight-up PKG. Its still our proprietary installation technology with a PKG wrapper. It seems to solve the majority of our customer issues. Moving to a straight-up PKG is a significant architectural challenge for us given the size and scope and interdependencies in the Creative Suite. As such, its quite costly to move.
    If you have any further details on what is not resolved and how painful/costly it is to workaround the problem please let us know. That data can then be used to prioritize the necessary design, implementation and testing work.

  53. Anonymous says:

    A few easy examples are:
    * Creating a meta-package that combines the base installer & application updates into a single double-clickable install. This is not possible due to a “Could not copy scripts” error message in Apple’s PackageMaker when including the AAMEE created installer. In order to do this one has to go through a painstaking process of recreating the Adobe installer via a “snapshot”, or similar process.
    * Installing AAMEE package via ARD when no user is logged in fails. The task errors out with a ” could not be installed. Error message: “Running package scripts…””; however, if you log into the workstation then the installer completes successfully.
    There’s a discussion of AAMEE on as well as a good guide lines for packaging in OS X [].
    I guess the short summary would be the two most suggested installer methods is either a) drag and drop, or b) a real package installer, with obviously “b” being the best option for Enterprise deployments.

  54. Eric Wilde says:

    Thanks for the input.
    The “no user logged in” bug is a bug that should be fixed in our next release (early July.) So that particular one doesn’t depend on a native PKG.
    Drag and Drop installs are very unlikely. Even many Apple or MSFT installers are no longer Drag and Drop on the Mac. Also, as you state, there really isn’t a compelling need for Drag & Drop installers in the volume workflows.
    The single double-clickable install is a good point.
    Do you mind contacting me directly so that I know who you are and we can engage in longer discussions? When we’re ready to do another round of prerelease or design work it would be nice to include you in our customer outreach so that your input results in us delivering a better product.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Jan, I have the same problem – no text visible on user interface. Can you please tell me, what the solution is?

  56. Jacob says:

    Feel free to include me on that list too, as we have a large deployment base here for both mac and PC.

  57. Jeff Bernstein says:

    What if Adobe made all Mac updates like they do with the current Flash 10.1 player installer? With the current Flash installer, a pkg is buried, but accessible, in the installer to allow for easy rollout via ARD or your tool of choice.

    This way, we could still use AAMEE for the initial rollout and then add on the pkg files that apply.

    This would make, I believe, everyone’s lives much better and could help spread world peace.

  58. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Would someone mind posting the solution to “valid installer not found” error in Windows?

  59. Lars R. Frederiksen says:

    When i install the toolkit I get no text visible on user interface. Can you please tell me, what the solution is?

  60. I. Harkestad says:

    Same here: No visible text in installer. Please post solution.

    • jrodgers says:

      Can you provide the build number of the version of AAMEE you are using and your OS version info? The 1.1 of AAMEE is coming out very shortly so this may be moot soon.

      Jody Rodgers
      Product Manager, Enterprise & Volume Customers
      Creative Suite

      • I. Harkestad says:

        Thank you for your reply, Jody.
        I’ve now resolved the issue. Since others experiencing similar problems may be interested to know more about this I’ll provide some details:
        Originally, after downloading several installation files (Windows version), I tried to run the file called ApplicationManagerEnterprise_1_all.exe directly, but that only caused an installer with no text to open. Instead it seems that I should download WinRAR, use it to uncompress the file(s) with file ending .7z, locate the uncompressed Set-up.exe file and run it. That seemed to work. The installer did show a long list of error messages, but it seems as if the programs are working.

  61. Daniel Fenn says:

    Would someone mind posting the solution to “valid installer not found” error in Windows?
    Thanks! And can someone from tech support get back to me with this issue?

  62. Jody Rodgers says:

    Hi Daniel. Hope I can help you out. Can you provide the following info:
    1) AAMEE build number
    2) OS Version (including SP info)
    3) Where in the process this is occurring

    Jody Rodgers
    Product Manager, Enterprise & Volume Customers
    Creative Suite

    • Karl Zimmerman says:

      We recently got licensed for Adobe CS5. I downloaded the ESD packages, have extracted them, followed the deployment guide, etc….

      Still getting an error A VALID INSTALLER COULD NOT BE FOUND

      Tried quite a few iterations with no success.

      We’re using AAMEE 1.1 on a Winxp SP3 happens during the on the first WELCOME screen when I click next.

      What’s the trick I’m missing? Can you assist? I’ve been working on and off on this for a couple days and am getting pressured to get this software rolled out.

      Karl Zimmerman

  63. Jody Rodgers says:


    Sorry to hear about this. Can you confirm that you can complete an installation from ESD packages without AAMEE on a singular machine?

    Jody Rodgers
    Product Manager, Enterprise & Volume Customers
    Creative Suite

    • Karl says:

      I’m testing with Acrobat Pro 9. I’m able to manually install from the downloaded and extracted ESD files.
      When I try AAMEE again, If I point AAMEE to the directory that contains the Acrobat Pro 9 setup.exe file, I still get the error.
      It’s also curious that of all the downloaded and extracted ESDs, only 2 contain a setup.exe – the Acrobat Pro 9 and the Design Premium packages. Not sure what to do with the other packages that only contain fonts folders, goodies folders, etc…
      Thanks for getting back to me.

  64. Jody Rodgers says:

    Contacted Karl via email.

    FYI, AAMMEE does not work with Acrobat 9. You would have to use an alternate method in deploying Acrobat 9. There is an online seminar on this topic that may be of help:

    The Acrobat IT Matters blog also has a few handy entries on deployment:

    Also, if there are other folks who receive the “A VALID INSTALLER COULD NOT BE FOUND” error, be sure to check the posting from Sumita – 1:16 AM on June 8, 2010.


    Jody Rodgers
    Product Manager, Enterprise & Volume Customers
    Creative Suite
    Adobe Systems

  65. Jody Rodgers says:

    Closing comments on this thread now that the newer AAMME 1.1 has been released.


    Jody Rodgers
    Product Manager, Enterprise & Volume Customers
    Creative Suite
    Adobe Systems

  66. Eric Wilde says:

    A quick additional comment.

    One of our customers and readers ran into the dreaded “A valid installer could not be found” message. The specific cause in this case is that at 7z extraction time anti-virus software also running on the system excluded the a file within the 7z. Extracting the 7z in a folder that was not watched by the anti-virus software addressed this specific cause.