Lion Tamers

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The cat is out of the bag! Mac OS X 10.7 aka Lion is roaming the streets and you brave Mac IT admins have been deemed Lion Tamers by the public at large. Or at least by me. I’ve managed a few OS compatibility assessments in my past and it is no easy task to gather up all the necessary info from the software publishers that are used in your environment, run/coordinate testing, etc. You are seeking the cold hard facts while a percentage of your users are barging down the door to upgrade due to justifiable work reasoning such as “shininess” and “Ars said I should.” Actually they said “Don’t just run out and upgrade your system as soon as you finish this review.” But who reads the second paragraph of the Recommendations section anyway?

And for that matter, who reads the second paragraph of my blog entries? We have two relevant pages for you and we will be keeping them up to date if new things are discovered, fixed, etc.

Creative Suite FAQ: Mac OS X Lion (v10.7) Compatibility

Known Issues with Adobe products on Mac OS 10.7 Lion

Also worth noting that if you are creating an image for Lion that the Flash Player plug-in is not installed for Safari.

And last but not least, what about your own Mac? I know what you are asking: 1) Does Spotify work on Lion? and 2) Can I create packages using Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition 2.0 (also known “on the streets” as AAMEE) using Lion? I don’t have the answer for the first one and seems rather off-topic but I can report that we have done testing both of the AAMEE application and of AAMEE-produced packages on Lion and everything has checked out fine. If you experience something different please feel to use the comments to let us know. So feel free to let AAMEE hang out in the blurred space scene of Launchpad and click on it at will.

Stay cool. Literally.

Jody Rodgers | Senior Product Manager | Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite | Adobe Systems

49 Responses to Lion Tamers

  1. Does Spotify work on lion? says:

    Answer: Yes

  2. Jolly Rodgers says:

    This sounds like a lot of whining. None of these problems are REAL problems. So Apple didn’t include Java Runtime. you forgot to mention that if an app calls for it, Lion will go onto the web to try to download and install the latest version. you also forgot to mention that Java runtime introduces security holes that create virus and hacking threats.

    As to your “windows scroll” comment – have you ever seen or used an iPad? My guess is not. That’s how scrolling works with finger controls.

    I wish that you focused on our core population. As a loyal Adobe customer for more than a decade I need to know about REAL problems and major bugs that will impact my work.

    Please keep your upset about your relationship with Apple out of the facts.

    • Jody Rodgers says:

      Hello. This is a blog post focused on IT admins and for an IT admin knowing that the Java Runtime is not installed is important as their end users are unlikely to have admin rights so they would have to deploy the Java Runtime separately. This is a change from 10.6.x certainly worth noting for them.

      Just for clarification, the KB was gathered from across the product teams and I did not personally write them. Actually, I have had an iPad since day one. My prior role at Adobe was focusing on Apple technology for Adobe’s IT department in their Desktop Engineering organization.

      Jody Rodgers | Senior Product Manager | Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite | Adobe Systems

      • Don Montalvo says:

        Jody, thanks for the blog update. We have a all-hands conference call with one of our larger multimeda clients and I will provide the link to your post. Valuable, always appreciated.

        PS, ignore the anonymous “Jolly Rodgers” troll.

        Don Montalvo, TX

      • doug petrosky says:

        Thanks for the public service announcement but didn’t Apple announce the dropping of Java Runtime back in October of last year? A bit late to be letting people know about it? I was also wondering if you hadn’t received any of the beta’s of OS X Lion so that you could have worked on updating more of your code for the new OS.

        I know Adobe and Apple have their issues but it would be nice if you wouldn’t fight so much in front of the kids. I want to have confidence that you and Apple are working in lock step to make the best possible tools for the Mac platform and that any problems will be fixed quickly.

        For now, you are just encouraging me to figure out ways to use other non Adobe products to do what I need to do. I have already swapped out Reader for Preview because of it’s speed and memory foot print. Don’t make me look for others.

        • Agramonte says:

          thanks for the laugh here at the office – but really if you can use Preview to do what you “need to do” Adobe Tools are not for you anyway.

  3. Boomer says:

    What a big bag of whine… you’ve known Lion has been coming for a while and have apparently not coded for it. Your own fault, Adobe.

  4. sith says:

    why don’t STOP complaining and make better compatible products?

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  6. Martin says:

    I guess I look at it a little differently. Apple puts out a major OS release and Adobe products don’t work. 1st question I have is when are you going to fix your software?

  7. Brains says:

    Spotify works on Lion, as does Pandora.

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  10. Bob Barker says:

    Adobe, you are so sad and lame. How far you have fallen, now possessing no class at all. Mac OS X has been out for a decade. Apple’s intention to ditch Carbon has been well known — publicly well known — for years. Flash typically incurs the hardest hit on system resources than any other end-user plugin. All you have done is try to patch-patch-patch on top of an antiquated system that Apple gave the developer community ample time to migrate from (Carbon, intro’d 11 years ago) to Cocoa. When youre finally FORCED to go Cocoa you poop out a propoganda video that tries to portray you as geniuses… Yet, you had to airdrop an outsider to get the company’s migration on track.

    And here, all I see is a sad whining about your own shortcomings. The dev version of Lion has been out for several months, giving all developers time to modernize their apps to Lion compatibility. But hey, software incompatibilities with new operating systems are a fact of life. You know it, I know it, and anyone savvy enough and into tech enough to be reading a blog from a tech company will also be savvy enough to know it. You know the Golden Rule: NEVER upgrade mission critical systems until tested and compatibility/updates are confirmed/installed. You certainly could have come off appearing professional and responsible by listing the issues YOUR SOFTWARE has with Lion AND announce a rough delivery date for compatibility updates — that would have been a great service to your user base — but, to dress it up with all this anti-Apple hyperbole only serves to reveal your corporate character for what it is. Combine your predilection to spurt of vitriol with your typically lazy and whining character, you paint a picture of yourself that is ugly and distasteful.

  11. Bob Barker says:

    Oh, and insulting your user base by accusing them of falling for “shininess” or being too lazy to fully read information (“But who reads the second page of recommendations, anyway?”).

    Classy move.

    • Jody Rodgers says:

      Bob, I apologize that the tone of this blog post has been perceived as negative. The tone of all my posts are done in a light-hearted manner, even when talking about my own products! As a former Mac IT admin I have ultimate empathy for IT admins, and any new OS release creates extra work for their organizations. Nothing political in that statement whatsoever.

      Jody Rodgers | Senior Product Manager | Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite | Adobe Systems

    • Agramonte says:

      Many People buy Apple products because of their “shininess” – it is why they now sell mostly toys to kids.

      In this world – for most – everything they own someone else made, everything that has inspired them someone else imagined… They do not represent Adobe user Base.

      The rest understand that Adobe is not a “Tech Company” just like Staedtler is not just a pencil company… I hope both Jody and Adobe remember who are better suited in determining what is “ugly and distasteful” and that we not going anywhere.

  12. Rob says:

    Hm, why did almost all Mac-Developers get their software ready for OS Lion but Adobe not?

    I installed so many updates of various software recently to get all my software ready for Lion. But I can’t remember having installed any update of my Adobe products.

    Why so?

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  19. Michael says:

    This is my job (and has been for several years). It comes as no surprise that there are significant changes to the OS that Adobe has not addressed. I’m not going to whine, because Apple is pushing the technical envelope for OS X harder than Microsoft has ever pushed it for Windows. After all, I can buy a brand new PC today and install XP on it – and probably get drivers for everything that works, which means I can run ancient versions of Adobe software. I can’t buy a brand new MacBook Air (or Mac Mini) and install Snow Leopard. And that’s not exactly news – as Apple has done it this way for years.

    Looking at it pragmatically, Adobe has at least reviewed their products against Lion, and know most of the issues that will occur.

    The real question is – will Adobe address the changes from Apple that break their applications with a free or paid upgrade?

    FWIW, Lion is almost a no-starter at my work due to poor implementation of the Active Directory domain. We are struggling to find solutions to poor choices made by systems administrators for AD from almost 10 years ago, and the fact that some Adobe apps don’t work is a small piece of the puzzle. However, I’d like to see a statement from Adobe about what will be fixed and what won’t – or (more appropriately) when…

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  21. Alan Hogan says:

    “you’ve known Lion has been coming for a while and have apparently not coded for it. Your own fault, Adobe.”

    Can’t agree enough.

    I am also sick of feeling like Adobe doesn’t give a crap about me as a Mac user when to stop the scourge of Flash cookies I turned on the mode that makes me authorize such “local storage objects” — and the resultant, constant, dialog is so poorly implemented on Leopard and non-responsive in Lion.

  22. Hey Jody,

    You did a decent blog post. Don’t let the fanatics get to you. Adobe gets the short end of the stick so often in these sort of things.

    Adobe makes great software. I didn’t perceive your note as negative. It must have just gotten shared by some ne’er do wells in some rabid Apple fanboi forum.

    Michael makes some sense and is on target for intelligent discourse.

    Ignore the trolls and stay thirsty my friend.

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  25. dmcsween says:

    Gosh, Jody. You’re brave. (non-sarcastic)

  26. Hugi says:

    All of my applications are working perfectly on Lion, apart from Adobe PDF Reader. I had to jump through some hoops to get PDFs working in Safari again. Thanks for wasting my time — apparently, two months of Developer Previews isn’t enough for Adobe to do basic software testing.

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  28. pethr says:

    I just wish Adobe used all this money it is charging for .5 releases and such to do some actual coding. After all the DPs there are very few surprises in Lion, all I see is a couple of folks who failed to do their homework. Rather than a list of bugs you really should have some idea about how to fix them and whether and when to support new features.

    Perhaps it is not reasonable to expect everything to work on day one (after all how many pros upgrade OS on day one or even hundred for that matter), but Adobe has been notoriously slow to support new OS versions (and only with the most recent versions of their apps). IMO Adobe would use some competition, they’d be dead in two years or significantly better (i mean half of the apps rewritten kind of better).

  29. Earl says:

    Downloaded Lion to IMac and Mac Book, I didn’t know about the problem with Adobe and hence have lost the use of Power Point ,Word and worst of all, Photoshop, Will I have to sit back and wait until they get off their Backsides and do something?

  30. Nuclear Troll Device says:

    Let me be blunt, to all you morons who think Apple does no wrong… grow up and thank your mother for letting you live at home. This blog is for IT Professionals, which you clearly are not. If you were, you would quickly realize, as with EVERY 10.X.0 release from Apple, it is of Public Beta quality. That’s not Adobe’s fault.

    Moreover, apparently they don’t give out ‘A Sense of Humor’ at your local nerdatorium and Apple Fan Boy Club.

  31. R Weston says:

    I think it’s *pretty* clear what’s going to happen here. Adobe will most *probably* try to charge for working versions of software (bundled in CS6) with slight UI changes and massive underlying changes (Carbon) they should have made sometime ago. Like someone else mentioned, I’m already looking for replacements to Adobe software. I’ve been a big Dreamweaver fan for sometime but people have choices as do companies – and Adobe doesn’t seem to be making the best at the moment (generalization).

    Adobes management, or someone (product managers/developers) there chose to willfully ignore the OS X 10.7 compatibility issues, or attempted to use it as another supporting point to highlights Apples “wrong doings” and it’s backfired, again (I just downloaded Edge).

  32. Brad says:

    I keep getting this error when trying to install CS5 to mac osx 10.7
    using the aamee tool

    I can use it on 10.6 machines through ard but it wont install to 10.7

    it fails with errors

    30/09/11 10:04:35.352 AM installd: PackageKit: Install Failed: Error Domain=PKInstallErrorDomain Code=112 “An error occurred while running scripts from the package “Adobe CS5 Master Collection Lion_Install.pkg”.” UserInfo=0x104f347e0 {NSFilePath=./preinstall, NSURL=file://localhost/private/tmp/ARD_PKG_ITEMS.nw55RN/C82A14021646.43/Adobe%20CS5%20Master%20Collection%20Lion_Install.pkg, PKInstallPackageIdentifier=com.adobe.Enterprise.install.B77BC9A6-B228-4D45-9CE8-93920FFFA637, NSLocalizedDescription=An error occurred while running scripts from the package “Adobe CS5 Master Collection Lion_Install.pkg”.} {
    NSFilePath = “./preinstall”;
    NSLocalizedDescription = “An error occurred while running scripts from the package \U201cAdobe CS5 Master Collection Lion_Install.pkg\U201d.”;
    NSURL = “file://localhost/private/tmp/ARD_PKG_ITEMS.nw55RN/C82A14021646.43/Adobe%20CS5%20Master%20Collection%20Lion_Install.pkg”;
    PKInstallPackageIdentifier = “com.adobe.Enterprise.install.B77BC9A6-B228-4D45-9CE8-93920FFFA637”;

    30/09/11 10:04:36.029 AM installer: Install failed: The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.
    30/09/11 10:04:38.964 AM ARDAgent: install package result -1

  33. Jody Rodgers says:


    Are you using AAMEE 2.1? I’ve asked the team to look at your error info.


    Jody Rodgers | Senior Product Manager | Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite | Adobe Systems

  34. Brad says:

    yes I am using AAMEE 2.1 dmg downloaded from adobe

    Version (

  35. Gary Little says:

    Now that is is almost the “end of 2011” I would like to know when we can expect Adobe to release a version of the Acrobat plug-in that works with Safari 5.1.

  36. Poster says:

    Long story short, I’ve lost all my Adobe CS programs with the new lion OS update – and it has literally killed my production pipeline. Have spent the past month with patches, work-arounds, old computers, etc… Just a simple question: do the above proposed solutions work? Has anyone gotten their Adobe CS programs (After FX, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc…) back online with lion? It seems kind of ridiculous to have to tinker with my computer’s basic settings in order to get a program to work – and it’s driving me crazy too – but I just really need a solution. Links? Anything? I have Adobe CS3 and CS4 and I can’t downgrade from lion. Looking through the posts – a lot of ranting – but not many posts with people giving results of trying the solution – so hard to know if it’s legit. Thanks in advance – this really sucks – never have I lost so much time and been so powerless faced with such a ridiculous oversight.

    • David Johnson says:

      Most commonly the licensing technology has had permission changed and it is preventing the program from launching. You should be able to get them to launch on Lion. You can refer to to most likely resolve you issue. If that does not work, let us know and we will have someone contact you directly.

  37. Harry Zink says:

    I assume this whole thread is now going to repeat with the release of Mountain Lion, which particularly deprecated the Carbon APIs (ie carbon apps will no longer work under ML).

    Since I’ll assume that Adobe will still have based CS 6 on Carbon, and thus CS6 won’t actually work on Mountain Lion – which ironically is actually a version of Lion that will be usable for creative professionals.

    Subsequently Adobe will claim this comes as a surprise (despite Apple having pre-announced abandoning carbon two years ago, now), and after some initial stuttering will claim that this issue won’t be addressed until CS7, another 18 months later.

    Please let me know how close I am 😉

    • Eric Wilde says:


      I catch the humor and good nature of your question. Thank you for bringing some levity to the issue. 🙂

      It just so happens that I was already chasing down some Mountain Lion issues with the installation and licensing teams this morning. We do test the installation and licensing technologies on the latest beta builds we get as Apple distributes them. So for the particular domain in which I and my team work I think we’re in good shape. Note, however, that until Apple actually goes to market their OS code is also changing and anything can happen between the next Suite release (what you call CS6) and when Mountain Lion ships. We’ll continue to test the installation and licensing technologies as Apple releases betas all the way up to when they ship.

      Now, there’s the other issue of each individual product testing their features on Mountain Lion. For example, Photoshop testing all their filters and whatnot on Mountain Lion. I can’t speak authoritatively as to how deep the is their testing; but, there is at least sanity level testing going on as Mountain Lion releases betas. We’re trying our best to keep up; but, again, anything can happen between when we ship and when Mountain Lion ships.

      I hope that helps.


  38. Kacey says:

    I am having a problem changing my colors on my backgrounds… it is throwing a red color every time… any suggestions on how to fix this??? Adobe could not help!

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