Deploying Creative Suite 6 Webinar

If you do a web search for “deploy CS6” do you know what comes up? The Nerf Deploy CS-6. What is that? A clip system Nerf blaster that was released in 2010 under the N-Strike series. How did I become such a Nerf expert? The Nerf Wiki of course. If you want to be in the know about the Deploy CS-6 then head to the Nerf Wiki page for the Deploy CS-6. If you want to be in the know about how to deploy CS6, as in how to do a mass software deployment of Creative Suite 6 using tools like the Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition (AAMEE) 3.0 then mark you calendars for Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 10AM PST for the Adobe Webinar “Deploying Creative Suite 6” with your hosts Jody Rodgers and Rick Borstein. We will cover AAMEE, the new CS6 licensing changes, and the new command line tools Remote Update Manager and the Exceptions Deployer application. We will answer questions about imaging, activation, and possibly how to get the most performance out of your Nerf blaster.

UPDATE: Webinar recording available online:

Jody Rodgers | Sr. Product Manager | Enterprise + Volume | CS +CCM | Adobe

9 Responses to Deploying Creative Suite 6 Webinar

  1. Ben Toms says:

    Will this be a available after the event as a video?

    • Jody Rodgers says:

      Yes, we will make it available on demand and we’ll put a link to it on this blog as soon as the recording is available.

      Jody Rodgers | Sr. Product Manager | Enterprise + Volume | CS +CCM | Adobe

  2. Shane Palmer says:

    Unfortunately when signing up for your webinar it requires answers to questions I do not know and do not apply to watching a webinar. Why do you need to know what and when my next purchases are, and how much money my organization makes? I simply want to watch this webinar because I already have people in my organization purchasing CS6 or are likely to very soon.

    • Jody Rodgers says:

      Sorry about that Shane. The webinars site is setup for customers who are thinking about making a purchase for their organization. However, for the case of this webinar it is for IT admins who might leave those sort of details to their Procurement group or someone tasked with purchasing. We’d still like you to attend so please answer the questions as best as possible even though they might not be applicable to you or your education institution. Hope to have you there!

      Jody Rodgers | Sr. Product Manager | Enterprise + Volume | Creative Suite + Creative Cloud | Adobe Systems

  3. Jerry says:

    My organization *definitely* intends to purchase a Nerf Deploy CS-6 within the next 30 days.

  4. Don Montalvo says:

    Will coffee be served? I’m in!

  5. Stuart Ramdeen says:

    Just a quick comment to say thanks for the enterprise deployment tools. I did my first deploy of CS6 today and must say it’s gone very well, even easier than 5.5. Keep up the great work.

    • Jody Rodgers says:

      Thanks so much Stuart. I’ll pass this along to the team.

      Jody Rodgers | Senior Product Manager | Enterprise + Volume | Digital Media | Adobe Systems

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