Creative Cloud Packager 1.3 Pre-Release

Hi All,

We have received great feedback since the Creative Cloud Packager 1.1 release in June and by all accounts it has been a success. That said the AAMEE team (which we should really rebrand to the CCP Team) have never been ones to rest on their laurels so we have been hard at work preparing the next major release. This is where we need your help. We would like to run a limited Pre-Release of CCP 1.3 for existing Creative Cloud for team and Creative Cloud for enterprise customers. This allows us to gather valuable feedback from you the IT admin because as I have said before this is why we do what we do.


Here are the new features in CCP 1.3

  • Support for Archived versions of Products
  • Support for Native application Installers (Edge Code, Edge Reflow, Scout, Gaming SDK)
  • New Shortcut locations
  • New IT Tools Un-installer
  • Build information in Product UI
  • Support for Auto Proxy Pac files *in final release*


The highest priority has been to add the support for archived versions of products. This is to support Creative Cloud for team and Creative Cloud for enterprise customers who are entitled to the latest and greatest but also archived versions of products. Up until now you could use CCP to package the latest and greatest but what if you also wanted to deploy a previous version of Photoshop for example? In this scenario as it currently stands you would need to download AAMEE, point it at the CS6 media and create a separate package. This new release streamlines the entire process by allowing you to create a CCP package that contains the latest and greatest in addition to any archived versions you would like to select.


ccp 1.3 archive

Pre-Requisites for Pre-Release

Open for Existing Creative Cloud for team customers

Open for Existing Creative Cloud for enterprise customers


How long is the Pre-Release running forĀ 

The Pre-Release will run for around 3 weeks however we do have a threshold in terms of how many users we will be able to add. So please don’t take it personally if you do not get a response from us as chances are we have reached our quota.


How to apply

If you are an existing Creative Cloud Team or Creative Cloud Enterprise customers. I would ask that you please go to the following link and provide the required information.



Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools


17 Responses to Creative Cloud Packager 1.3 Pre-Release

  1. Don Montalvo says:

    Wow, you guys have been burning the midnight oil! Kudos!

  2. Another Andy says:

    Sounds good, but will an update to (all) CC apps to include better proxy support (syncing etc) be forthcoming?

  3. Drew says:

    So when do you all plan on actually making industry-standard installers available? All this fuss when it should just be…

    Billion dollar company, can’t do what a 10 year old can.

  4. Don Montalvo says:

    Not all of Adobe’s development decisions are based on standards, instead based on money (ie: one code set across platforms). Unfortunately that mindset spilled over into the packaging side of things.

    AAMEE and now CCP are designed to wrap the installers in a zero-touch-deployable PKG format, which is what the Mac admin community always asked for. So in a sense we got what we asked for.

    With that said, this is a welcome piece of duct tape…although I share your concern. Native installers would have prevented all these problems, and all the resources thrown at it after the decision was made not to use ’em.


    • Eliot S. says:

      Don, you really are all over the net! I see you on JAMF Nation and here at the JNUC (I’m commenting during the thursday Happy Hour at the moment). Much credit to you for being one of the most active members of the community; that hoodie was well-deserved!

  5. TGB says:

    Can you please make CCPackager support the deployment of DPS Tools, aka “Adobe Digital Publishing Patch”?
    Because you guys seem to be back to your old tricks of non-deployable stuff – DPS 28.0 for InDesign CC cannot be deployed properly.
    Firstly, it’s not included in the CCP-created package at all; secondly, when you try to invoke it from within a deployed InDesign, it tell you that you need to do an in-application Update — which is disabled because we want to control updates; third, when downloaded and attempting to install manually, it advises that the administrator has disabled updates – which I have, but this isn’t an “update” so much as installation of a missing feature; and fourth, when running AdobePatchInstaller –mode=silent, it’s not completely silent, since Adobe AIR installer prompts appear for the Content Viewer and the DPS Builder – apparently the “silent” isn’t preserved all the way down to the AIR-based sub-components.

  6. +1 for TGB’s point above

  7. Shane Palmer says:

    I attended the “If the Creative Cloud is in the Cloud, Then How Can it Be Deployed?” session at JNUC last week and found it very helpful, but I was hoping to hear more about making progress to get rid of the Exceptions installers. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to give any feedback during the Q&A, so I thought I would add my two cents here.

    I found that now that you have the nice unified command line ExceptionDeployer tool there is really no excuse to not wrap the exceptions deployment inside of a standard pkg installer (possibly even in the main CCP created pkg files). I did this by simply moving the Exceptions folder to /private/tmp or any other temp location for that matter, used Composer (you could use your packaging tool of choice) to package that up and create a post-flight script that runs the ExceptionDeployer tool on the Exceptions folder in the temporary location.

    When you run this installer it “Installs” the payload to /private/tmp/ and then runs a post-flight script that calls:
    /private/tmp/Exceptions/ExceptionDeployer –workflow=install –mode=post

    Once a person reboots the Exceptions folder will be cleared out of /private/tmp. Of course I know I should put in some error checks and figure out how to do this with a flat package, but this works well enough for our situation and for how quickly we needed to make it available. For now I just have to instruct people that it needs to be installed from the boot volume.

  8. James Wong says:

    How feasible is it to include a ‘e-mail log to admin if install fail’ option? Let’s say we are mass deploying Adobe CC.

  9. Larry Price says:

    When will proxy support be available, i.e. what does “*in final release*” translate to?
    TIA, LP

    • Karl Gibson says:

      Hi Larry,
      Support for Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) files will be in the actual release of CCP 1.3 it was just not in the Pre-Release. Now the next questions is , when is the actual release ? Really Soon that’s all I can at this point.

      Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

  10. thomasC says:

    How about posting an update on RUM and CCE. I would like to see RUM apply some updates instead of exit 0 no updates found yet there are plenty that need to be installed. RUM doesn’t think so. @Karl Gibson maybe I missed a post. You got anything?

  11. Arvid Hovden says:

    We’ve heard this “Really soon” for over a Month now. Hopefully Really soon is really, really soon.

    (Ref: )

  12. Arvid Hovden says:

    Thanks for the good work with CCP 1.3, it works fine now with proxy.pac settings !

  13. Richard says:

    With all this innovation some critical features are always left behind, i wonder if is a business strategy to keep new versions coming! Anything to do with a computer have to be edited. But here we have an adobe product that doesn’t allow us to make updates, you have to start over all the time? The end users should be given power on their creations.

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