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New Creative Suite CS6 Install – Why we did it

*** Guest Blogger Annick Baudot Mohageg, Product Marketing for Adobe***

Since we shipped Creative Suite CS6 I’ve seen a few comments on our blogs or forums from users complaining that the new installation requirements were hurting the “good guys” (= honest Adobe customers) instead of the “bad guys” (= pirate folks). This made me realize that we probably didn’t do a good job explaining the background of why these changes came about. Hard to believe (aren’t we supposed to be the big bad wolf?), but the required activation and login were actually put in place to help the “good guys”!

Most people associate software piracy with back alley sales of cheap Photoshop, serial number keygens, or free illegal downloads. A simple google search shows that there is a whole group of people who will never pay for software and don’t mind the risks associated with installing pirated versions on their machines. If you ask me, that’s not cool. Most of us would love to get a new <insert your dream product name here> but wouldn’t think about going out of the store without paying for it. Plus I’m pretty biased since my job depends on people wanting to use and pay for my company’s software! But that’s how it goes, some people think it’s OK and ultimately those are not the people I want to spend my energy on.

The type of customer we had in mind when we put the new installation requirements in place were the thousands of customers who contact Adobe each year to troubleshoot problems with what they believe to be a genuine Adobe application (as in, they paid big bucks for it)…. but find out that they were in fact using counterfeit. They didn’t go in a dark alley to buy their software, they didn’t use a keygen. No, these customers actually purchased Adobe software from what looked like a legitimate online store and paid full/close to full retail price of their hard earned money for it. Plus the box they received wasn’t a cheesy home made DVD, it was a “real” looking box; and the software installed and seemed to work just fine ….. until it bombed or they couldn’t install an upgrade 18 months later and called Adobe customer service to find out why.

That’s the customer we care about- the honest Adobe customer who thinks they are doing the right thing and yet finds themselves loosing hundreds if not thousands of dollars to high quality counterfeit without having any recourse whatsoever. By the time they realize they were duped, the online store they purchased the app from is gone, the credit card has already been charged, and they don’t qualify for upgrade pricing. Plus who knows what other malicious code was installed with the counterfeit- which is scary- especially for those working with client files, etc. I’ve been a freelancer and know all too well that this type of unplanned business expense or worry about possibly corrupting client files hurts- big time.

With the new CS6 installation, honest customers will now get confirmation that the software they install is genuine Adobe software. The reason we set the 7 day grace (vs longer) to activate and login was so that customers who were duped into purchasing high quality counterfeit can immediately realize the problem and quickly act upon it- by either blocking payment on their credit card or taking advantage of 30-day money-back guarantees some marketplaces (like Amazon Marketplace for ex) offers.

There are 2 levels of confirmation:

  • The first one is during installation: the serial number and software installed gets checked by Adobe’s servers and the customer gets a confirmation at the end of install that the software is genuine (or if we detect it’s not genuine Adobe, they are notified and install will stop).
  • The second line of defense is that since serial numbers are now associated with Adobe IDs during installation, customers can login to MyAdobe to ensure that their serial numbers is listed under their ID, and if it’s not, they can contact Adobe customer support to help out with next steps.

So that’s the scoop. Although I understand that activating and logging in during installation or within 7 days of first launching the new Creative Suite adds a few steps to the process, it hopefully will help many of our customers confirm that they purchased genuine Adobe software and if not, gives them recourse to do something about it. And that’s why we did it.


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