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Slow Responsiveness

Hi all. I was out sick earlier this week and am just now catching up with things. There are a number of comments backlogged to be approved and responded to. I should get to them tomorrow (Friday Pacific Time.)

How to Disable Registration Reminders

In a similar vein as the last entry, here are some instructions for how to disable the launch of Adobe Application Manager at the second product launch when the user is requested to register the product.
It is possible to suppress registration via an override mechanism. The installer places a flag in a database on the users system. Any product which licenses reads this flag and determines whether or not to invoke AAM for registration.
Enterprise customers can suppress registration as part of the normal enterprise deployment toolkit (AAMEE) workflow. This toolkit should have a public, free release in early June along with documentation for how to suppress registration.
For any volume customers who are distributing prior to the upcoming release of AAMEE you can suppress registration in the following manner:
Create the override file with a Registration Suppress tag and pass it in the command line to the Bootstrapper (Set- up.exe or via param overrideFile.
Set-up.exe –mode=silent –deploymentFile=”” –overrideFile=”” –installSourcePath=”” –action=””
Mac: –mode=silent –deploymentFile= –overrideFile= –installSourcePath= –action=””
Hopefully most people will be able to wait until early June with the first release of AAMEE so the above workaround is not necessary.

Growl Installation with Adobe CS5

Yashodhan is a product manager for the Out Of Box Experience (OOBE) efforts here at Adobe.
Hi Everyone,
Adobe CS5 is installing the Growl Pref Pane when you install any CS5 Suite or Point Product. We added Growl notifications to remind users to claim their complimentary benefits for registering their product and to update their profiles. Complimentary benefits include things like “30 days of online video training”, “PhotoTools 2.5 plug-in”, etc. To see a list of all registration benefits please go to
We realize that this is causing a lot of consternation with both CS5 and Growl users. We should have been more transparent and made Growl an optional install. We made a mistake and are actively working to mitigate the problem. Adobe is engaging the Growl team and will keep them updated on any changes that might impact them in the future. Our engineering team is reviewing options and will be addressing some of your concerns in upcoming updates.
In the mean time, please follow the link @ to get more details on how to remove Growl or disable these notifications. Disabling notifications or removing Growl has no impact on how CS5 applications work.
For enterprise IT administrators who do not wish to have Growl installed, we are making changes to the Enterprise Toolkit to disable Growl. The Enterprise Toolkit is being rebranded as the Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition (AAMEE) for CS5. AAMEE for CS5 will be available as a free download in early June. More information about the AAMEE tool can be found at
Checking the “Disable product registration reminders” checkbox in AAMEE will turn off notification and the Growl Preference Pane will not be installed on the user’s machine in that case.
Yashodhan Gokhale
Senior Product Manager | CS Live

AAMEE Prerelease Full

Our prerelease program is full. Thanks for all the interest.
Note that the full release is coming out in early June. It will be public and freely available. We won’t have everything we want in the June release; but, it should be valuable to use at that time. We expect follow on releases throughout the year.

AAMEE Prerelease Going Live

The prerelease program for the enterprise deployment toolkit for CS5 is ready for its first release. The release should come out today or at latest tomorrow. For those who want to be on the prerelease program please feel free to drop me a line.
I’ll need your name, company and role in the company.
The prerelease program is appropriate for anybody who will do volume deployments of CS5 products or Suites.

CS5 Payloads

The below PDF describes the payloads in CS5. Although this is part of the CS5 enterprise deployment documentation that isn’t yet published, some folks in the user forums wanted information on what each payload does.

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Ships

Finally, the many months of hard work are about to pay off. Adobe Creative Suite 5 for English is now available. You can purchase CS5 at the following link:
North America
Or you can try it here:
North America
Sorry, I don’t have a link yet for UK Trial.
Note, first time through this website will likely put you into a page to choose a location.
There’s lots to be proud of with CS5; but, for this blog in particular we’re rolling out a new licensing, installer and updater solution. You should see much more reliable behavior in all areas.
We haven’t been able to address everything we want in the installer and licensing solutions; but, we’ve made great inroads. One thing in particular to point out is that the volume deployment toolkit will not be available for another month or so. This toolkit will be made freely available once it is ready. For those interested in a sneak peek please let me know and I’ll add you to our volume deployment prerelease program.
Some of our biggest accomplishments are:
• A new licensing architecture. We should be much more robust and forgiving of error conditions. We also no longer have the same binding to the hardware that we had before for activation. Although we have the same activation policy in general, simple hardware changes like switching out a new hard drive shouldn’t result in an increased activation count.
• A completely rewritten updater. After all the negative feedback on previous incarnations of AUM we’ve scrapped the implementation and built one that we hope will be much more appropriate for our users. Update checks are scheduled events. The patch technology is exactly the same as the installer technology and so should be more robust. And an entirely new UI to provide more information about the patch and more flexibility in managing patches is now available. The same sorts of configuration options as CS4 are available (i.e. you can turn the whole updater off if you want.)
• Addressed some of the top customer call generators for CS4. We’ve fixed 8 of the 10 top tech support call generators. The other two are outside the area of installation and licensing.
• Significant change to the installer architecture to enable better volume deployments and increase reliability in retail deployments. In addition, a new user experience is built on top of the architecture that should be easier and more attractive for our retail customers. Again, if you want to be on the prerelease progrom for our volume deployment tool let me know (
• Support of the new CS Live services that are bundled with the desktop product purchase.
There’s lots more; but, these are the big ones.
Last, but certainly not least, a big Thank You! to all our prerelease customers who have helped us iron out the kinks in this release for the last many months.

CS5 Desktop Product Subscriptions

The following was written by some of our core engineers. Thanks to Sanjeev Biswas, Kanika Dalmia and Vikalp Gupta for authoring this post.

One Adobe Creative Suite 5 offering is a Design Suite Premium subscription pilot in Australia. Adobe’s desktop subscription initiative started off as a pilot project for the Australian market for Adobe Creative Suite 3. Adobe released a full-featured subscription version of CS3 Design Premium that users could purchase on an affordable, month-to-month or annual subscription.
Customers in Australia are excited about the subscription option. The low monthly subscription fee offers a number of advantages to these customers. The cost to begin using Creative Suite software is lower and there is no large, up-front investment. Product subscriptions also provide “pay when you need” flexibility to customers. With the month-to-month subscription plan you can turn off access and payment when you don’t need the software. Apart from the pricing advantage, the subscription edition entitles the user to complimentary version upgrades/updates during the active subscription period. Our student edition of Design Premium Subscription Edition is also very popular with the student community. Students can take advantage of the latest Design Premium software whenever they need it without high out-of-pocket costs, whether for a semester or an entire school term.
With Adobe’s CS4 subscription edition, the user was provided a Subscription enabled Design Suite Premium Installer with a separate Subscription Manager application. The Subscription Manager application provided the user with an interface to sign-up, purchase, activate and deactivate a subscription. This application was launched post installation and remained in the user’s system dock. However, there were usability issues relating to error handling in the Subscription Manager. The main problem was that errors were not communicated to the user. There wasn’t any notification to the user of errors in the subscription process or the cause of those errors. This lack of error transparency created a higher number of customer support calls than is normal for Adobe products.
Along with Adobe Creative Suite 5 another subscription edition pilot is planned for release in Australia. The CS5 version will use the Adobe Application Manager to enable purchase, trial, serialization, activation and deactivation of the product This is the same Adobe Application Manager that enables CS5 products to install, serialize and license with the world-wide perpetual license. An integrated subscription handling in the Application Manager facilitates better and more precise error reporting. Integration with the Application Manager also ensures consistency with the perpetually licensed software. There is no longer a need for a separate Subscription Manager application, creating a cohesive user experience.
Just like perpetual licenses, subscribing to Design Suite Premium CS5 provides the user with access to Adobe’s CS Live services. With the subscription edition, the user can benefit from the rich feature set & product portfolio of Design Suite Premium along with the bundled online service package without shelling out the full product price up front.
Buy Subscriptions:
Note: The subscription edition for CS5 is shortly forthcoming for current subscription edition users and for new purchasers. It is not quite yet available for purchase at the time of this post. Hold on, its coming soon.

Flash Builder 4 Release

The most recent build of our installer and licensing technology can now be seen in a shipping product. Flash Builder 4 uses the most recent installer technology and user experience. If you’re not on our OOBE prerelease program please go download the trial version to see what’s been happening on the engineering team.
What you’ll see here is an attempt to handle many of the issues people have discussed with Adobe’s customer care organization and here on the blog. It doesn’t solve all the problems; but, it does address most of the top bugs found by our customers thus far. Some of the biggest changes:

  • The licensing solution has seen dramatic changes. We believe we’ve overcome the dreaded “licensing has stopped working” errors.
  • The Updater workflow has also been completely rewritten. The old AUM is gone. Hopefully you won’t see updates for the product soon, though.
  • The activation policy remains the same. Namely, a retail user is licensed to use to use the product on two systems concurrently. There are, however, no limits to deactivation any longer. Activation for volume licenses continues to be tracked but not enforced.
  • Many specific bugs were fixed.

For those of you who install/provision Adobe products in volume, you will not see the improvements in this Flash Builder 4 release. That, and other recent improvements, has yet to come.
For more information about the Flash Builder 4 product itself, please see:

Volume Deployment Documentation Questions

We are in the process of evaluating the documentation provided with the Enterprise Deployment tool to ensure it is meeting the needs of enterprise customers. We’d appreciate feedback on the questions below. This information will enable us to better focus on updating the information where appropriate, and/or maintaining what is working for customers while eliminating what is not. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
If you’d like to email directly with more detailed feedback, please send your comments to Feel free to post feedback in the comments section here as well.
· What documentation did you find most useful? What did you find least useful? [Examples: Deployment and Provisioning Concepts, Enterprise Deployment Guide, Enterprise Deployment Reference, Enterprise Deployment Toolkit Guide, Enterprise Deployment Worksheets]
· Did you read the documentation in the order suggested? Or did you reference it on an ‘as needed’ basis.
· If you did not find the documentation useful, what ways could we improve it?
· What topics did you not find covered that you wished were?
· Were you able to use the documentation to troubleshoot errors and issues?
· Did you use the package worksheets to set up your CS5 deployment workflow? (Enterprise Deployment Worksheets — A collection of worksheets you can use to plan, communicate, and record your deployment decisions.)
· Are the users of the tool (the people actually creating the packages) likely to be different members of the deployment team from the ones making the decisions about how the packages should be configured?