Creative Cloud Packager 1.7- A release with a twist 

Everybody loves a good twist right ! Remember a certain film where the characters thought they were on a different planet, when it turns out they were on earth all along. What about that other film where the characters thought the best way to power a city was through the screams of children and then it turns out laughter was actually a better source of power, mind blowing twists people.

So what is our twist I hear you asking. Well today we are releasing Creative Cloud Packager 1.7 which has two new features. The first is a tweak to the UI to increase the prominence of the Creative Cloud Desktop App. Along with this change we have also introduced a new feature that provides the IT admin with the ability to disable the Apps panel of the Creative Cloud Desktop app. This allows IT to maintain control of application & updates whilst enabling there end users to access Creative Cloud services.


So the twist. We are embarking on a change to how we approach packaging. The first phase of this change has gone live today.

From speaking with IT admins over all these years what has become apparent is that in global organizations, what frequently happens is that IT admins tend to work in silos. Each packaging up their own software and updates and deploying to the machines they manage. Depending on the tool you are using there is little to no visibility of what other admins in your organization are including in their package. We would like to change this and encourage IT to be more collaborative. This will also have a positive effect on standardization.

Another aspect is that IT are not always aware that there are updates available for their package. Up to now the only way to get this information was to go to a blog that we host.

So with Creative Cloud Packager 1.7 we are introducing a new feature where your package metadata will be available to view in the Enterprise Dashboard for members in your organization.

This means when you or another admin in your organization create a package with CCP 1.7 and then logs in to the Enterprise Dashboard you/they will be able to see a consolidated view of packages that will contain the following information

Package Name

Package Contents

Package Created by/on

OS package was created for

If the package is up to date

Configuration options

What updates are available for this package

CCP Dashboard Live


For now this view is for informative purposes only and any interaction with the package itself needs to happen on the desktop and within CCP.

Note: For now this feature is only available in the Enterprise Dashboard.

So that’s our twist ! As I mentioned above this is the first phase and we have some truly amazing plans to transform the packaging experience as we enter in to 2015.

Finally as you may have seen on Twitter @Adobe_ITToolkit we are proud to be sponsoring the JAMF National User Conference again this year. I will be presenting on Wednesday 22nd October 3:30pm-4:30pm. We will be covering what the overall Creative Cloud Enterprise offering means to IT admins. I will also be joined on stage by Sachin Porwal , Computer Scientist for CCP and the always inspiring/controversial Jody Rodgers.


Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools


Oh yes! Prizes & Sweepstakes

*Update, Survey is now closed, thank you to everyone who participated and we will be in touch regarding vouchers and Sweepstakes results*

Hi All,

Have you ever completed one of those personality surveys that try their best to define you? I always have this idea that they are going to say I am cool, calm and adaptable but you know what always comes up “opinionated” so I have decided to use my most dominant trait for the good of mankind and complete all different types of surveys. Ask me to take a survey and I am there, I recently completed a survey about the effects of lighting ambience on my mood. But not everybody is like me and some need an awesome incentive to complete a survey and so that’s what we at Adobe have done.

We are conducting a study regarding Adobe software and services. If you are an Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement customer (ETLA) that manages over 50 seats then we are asking that you take 20 minutes to complete the survey below. Adobe is trying to get as much feedback as possible. In appreciation of your time for completing the survey, you will receive a $25 Amazon gift card and be entered into a Sweepstakes for a chance to win one of two (2) iPad Airs.

My gestation aside, this has always been a great forum for feedback and this is a great opportunity to have your voice heard.

Here is the link to the survey

We are only leaving the survey open for a short time and for a set amount of people so please complete at your earliest convenience.


Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

I love the smell of a new release in the morning – CCP 1.6 is Live

Hi All,

What a lovely morning it is and you know what makes a morning even better? coffee and you know what else? a croissant. But after your coffee and croissant, that’s right a new product release! Fresh on the heals of the awesome 2014 product announcements + Ink and slide. We have also gone and released a new version of Creative Cloud Packager.

Features of this version include

The ability for Enterprise and Education Device License customers to create a license file.

Enterprise folks will remember this from the AAMEE days but it is also now possible to use CCP to create a license file. This is useful for enterprise customers if they wish to go from trial to serialised deployment or they wish to change from one license key to another.

For Education Device License customers this is especially important if you are trying to migrate from one license type to another for example going from a Team Named license to Device license.

CCP 1.6 copy

We have also added a nifty feature whereby when you create a license file we also produce a Un-License file that can be used to remove the Creative Cloud License from an existing machine.

The ability to create a package with just the Creative Cloud for desktop app

In the past it was not possible to create a package with just the Creative Cloud for Desktop app. This made things a little difficult if you wanted to deploy an update to the app across your environment. You can now create a CCP package containing just the desktop App.


InDesign CC 2014 & InCopy CC 2014 (32 Bit Windows) Issue

With the release of InDesign & InCopy CC 2014 we noticed an issue whereby when you select a 32 bit package in CCP an error is encountered during the build process. This is due to the maximum file path being exceeded during extraction. We are working on a long term fix however in the interim we have documented the required workaround here.

Adobe Muse CC 2014

On Mac, Muse CC 2014 is bundled in the main payload and it no longer requires an Adobe ID upon launch.

On Windows, Muse CC 2014 is still treated as an exception furthermore there is some nuances to how it is deployed. More information can be found here

Again we are working with the relevant teams to try and improve the process and make it as painless as possible to deploy.


Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

Announcing a new Creative Cloud for enterprise

Adobe announced today a number of exciting updates to Creative Cloud.  We are pleased to be able to offer these updates to our creative tools and services, including support for high performance platforms and latest industry standards, to our enterprise customers. Creative Cloud for enterprise customers have access to these updates through the Creative Cloud Packager as of today.  In addition, enterprise customers have access to a number of tools and services designed with the large enterprise in mind. Creative Cloud for enterprise customers now offers streamlined license management using the Adobe Enterprise Dashboard and Creative Cloud Packager. The web-based Adobe Enterprise Dashboard lets you manage users and provision entitlements centrally. Here, IT support can also access the recently updated Creative Cloud Packager to deploy software that supports the named user model.  Through Enterprise Dashboard, IT staff at Creative Cloud for enterprise customers will gain the ability to assign software to users instead of just devices.  This ability, called named user deployment allows for greater flexibility in setting up software and in supporting users in the office or at home. Named user deployments set the stage for Creative Cloud for enterprise customers to allow access to Creative Cloud services to their users.  This means that, if IT staff allow it and enable it, enterprise users will be able to use:

Creative Cloud for enterprise customers can also, by IT staff choice, access Creative Cloud storage.  This option allows for much more than simply storing creative assets in the cloud. This service allows storage, sharing, and versioning of creative assets.  Creative Cloud storage also allows for extra information like color palettes and font selection to be extracted from Adobe file formats.  This makes reusing style information between projects quicker and easier. If your organization does not want to use the Creative Cloud Services or Storage, that’s okay. Using Creative Cloud for enterprise,  IT staff can install Creative Cloud applications with serial numbers instead of named user accounts. This allows for installation on completely offline machines – an option not available in other Creative Cloud plans. Also included in this release is dedicated, enterprise-level customer care, which includes orientation programs and 24×7 technical support for IT. Adobe Enterprise Dashboard also is your one-stop shop for handling your organization’s support needs.  It provides access to submit and track support claims, phone numbers for priority support, and the ability to schedule 1:1 Expert Service appointments for your creative users. Access to the 2014 release of Creative Cloud and the availability of Adobe Enterprise Dashboard are the first in a series of steps that will make Creative Cloud for enterprise a more flexible solution for handling creative needs for our enterprise customers. Stay tuned for more news in the next few months. To get more information on accessing Adobe Enterprise Dashboard, please contact your Adobe Account manager.

Identity – We all have one, even Jason Bourne !

Hi All,

The Creative Cloud brings many advantages to Creative Professionals. The applications are as always, the focal point of this value but we have also added tremendous value via the services such as Storage, Behance, Typekit etc. Access to these services has thus far remained elusive for our Creative Cloud Enterprise customers due to the fact that in order to use a service you need to have an identity. Every enterprise is unique in how it implements and manages identities but what is paramount to all enterprises is security. Adobe has been working hard to offer it’s enterprise customers methods of identity implementation that will satisfy all these requirements.

There are two aspects to this.

-The identities themselves

-How the identities are managed

The identities

As you are no doubt aware the topic of identity is a complicated one (Jason Bourne took 2.5 years to learn his) and so the low level details will not be addressed here. What we did however want to do is provide a high level overview of the approach Adobe is taking to enterprise identities. So I asked Terry Ryan (Sr Creative Cloud Evangelist) to work his magic and provide a synopsis of the different types of identities and the use case for each. I think he has done a fantastic job at summarising such a complicated topic.

How identities are managed

A new centralised Adobe Enterprise Dashboard will be used to manage these identities, specify password complexity, control entitlements, download deployment tools and raise support tickets. This will be covered in more detail at a later time but here is a sneak preview.


I am incredibly excited to be sharing this news and I look forward to going in to more detail in the near future.


Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

Creative Cloud Packager 1.5 is Live

ccp copyccp copyCCP Segment screen

Hi All,

It has been a little while since my last post. That does not mean that I have embraced the dream to retire to some remote island off Fiji or at least spend 6 months out of the year there. A place with no internet connectivity, and just a small shop to get supplies from and make a long distance phone call across a crackled line once a month to touch base with the outside world. I guess this would also mean I would have no need for my pedometer, smart watch, tech glasses, Bluetooth headphones, smart thermostat, smart smoke detector and most distressingly my smart crockpot. On reflection, it seems as though I have invested way too much in technology to ever lead a life of solitude and so with that settled, let’s get on to business.

Some of you will already have noticed that Creative Cloud Packager 1.5 is live and available to download. This release includes several under the hood changes as well as customer facing features.

  • Creative Cloud Packager now supports Value Incentive Program (VIP) for education customers.
  • You can now deploy specific version updates, rather than just the latest updates.

-If a newer update is present in CCP and you wish to deploy and older version of it from some physical media you may do so via the offline media workflow.

  • Creative Cloud Packager also supports packaging non-Creative Cloud apps.

-Creative Cloud Packager will allow customers also entitled to Premiere Elements for Mac, Photoshop Elements for Mac and Technical Communication Suite to package and deploy using Creative Cloud Packager. This is accomplished when you enter a license key for the relevant product in to the packager and we will fetch the product and present it for packaging.

  • Adobe Update Server Setup Tool (AUSST) now supports secure connections (https).

-The product update binaries, however, are still transferred over http.

  • New customer segment Identification screen (as above)
  • Trial License workflow for enterprise renamed to Named License (can still be used for trial)

If you have not updated yet then all you need to do is launch CCP and you will be prompted to update.


Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

MacIT 2014

Hi All,

Last year Adobe was one of the sponsors of MacIT in SF. It was a great few days and we got to meet and have a chat with some awesome IT admins about the newly introduced Adobe Creative Cloud Offerings and the newest addition to the IT Tools, Creative Cloud Packager. These events are incredibly valuable to us as it gives us a great opportunity to speak with those who use the IT Tools like Creative Cloud Packager, AUSST and RUM on a daily basis. IT admins have always been incredibly generous with their time and knowledge and this has allowed us to steer the IT tools in the right direction up to now and hopefully continuing to do so in to the future.

So with that said I am very happy to announce that Adobe is returning as a sponsor for MacIT 2014. We will be presenting on Thursday 27th March at 1:15pm-1:35pm. Now you are probably thinking one of two things, wait that’s only 20 minutes and I really want to hear what Adobe has to say about Creative Cloud for enterprise and the IT Tools (you won’t be disappointed) or wait that’s only 20 minutes and I really want to give Adobe a piece of my mind, well good news my friends we will also have a booth and so you can pull up a chair and talk to us good or bad for even longer. If we are not at the booth then we are either having lunch , having a beer or being inconspicuous but if you can find us or identify us then feel free to come over and chat (warning please approach slowly, we scare easily and become shy)

Looking forward to seeing you all there.


Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

Creative Cloud Packager 1.4 is Live

Hi, All

As we enter this period of festivity the thought crossed my mind, what do you get an IT admin for Christmas to say thank you? To me the most obvious gift would be a smart watch, but you know what I have found thus far in my experiments with smart watches, they are not actually terribly smart. It is difficult enough to justify having another piece of technology with you but then you get the dreaded question, “so you can send text messages from the watch?”  or  “can you make phone calls from your watch?” Well, no, I can’t do either of those things, but I can have different watch faces, not bad for $150. Again I digress and so smart watches are not what I would like to give to the IT admin this festive period. Instead, how about a new version of Creative Cloud Packager?

Creative Cloud Packager 1.4 – Features

Package Modification

Quite some time ago in the AAMEE days, you (the IT admin) asked for a way to modify a previously created AAMEE package so you could add applications and updates without needing to create a new package from scratch every time a new update came out. This of course was a great idea and we added this feature to AAMEE. The problem is although this feature was great, we were not able to get it in to Creative Cloud Packager… until now.

In CCP 1.4, you now have the ability to modify a previously created package. You now can add updates, as well as add or remove applications to your existing package. There is a small caveat in that this feature is only possible from CCP 1.4 onwards, so packages created with CCP 1-1.3 cannot be modified.

Support for Physical Media

One of the great features of CCP is the ability to pull the Creative Cloud Applications and Updates directly from the cloud and create a customized package. However, there are some rare instances where the time or bandwidth required to pull down the Creative Cloud applications and updates is not possible or feasible. For this purpose CCP 1.4 will now allow you to create a package from physical media. This means that if you are in a location with poor Internet bandwidth or a locked down environment whereby access to the Internet is only briefly possible, then we would suggest you request physical media and use CCP 1.4 to create a package.

CCP 1.4 Physical Media CCP 1.4 physical media 2

Note: Although CCP supports packaging from physical media, online connectivity is still required to validate licensing information.

How to order physical media

Physical media is granted on an exception only basis. To obtain the media you must contact your Adobe Account Manager or Adobe Support.

CCP 1.4 is live now and you will be prompted to install the next time you launch.

For more information on this release please visit the Creative Cloud Packager help page

Finally I just want to say a big thank you to the IT admin community for all your help this year. I have attended and spoken at many IT events, written on many blogs/forums and have been on conference calls with many of you. Your support, ideas and criticism are very much appreciated.

The CCP team wishes you and your families a great holiday period and we look forward to working with you next year.


Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

Creative Cloud Packager 1.3 is live

Great news, Creative Cloud Packager 1.3 is now live.

We are genuinely excited about this release. Not that CCP 1.2 was not exciting, actually who am I kidding it was important in that it had some bug fixes but that’s not exciting is it ? Though maybe I am being presumptuous and their are people out there who just love a good bug fix. CCP 1.3 on the other hand brings some pretty exciting features and just to keep those aforementioned people happy we also have some bug fixes.

Here are the new features in CCP 1.3

  • Support for archived versions of Products
  • Support for Native application Installers (Edge Code, Edge Reflow, Scout, Gaming SDK)
  • Support for Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) files
  • RUM support for Feature Bearing updates
  • New Shortcut locations
  • New IT Tools Un-installer
  • Build information in Product UI

ccp 1.3 archive


Let’s start with

Support for archived versions: The Creative Cloud gives you access to the latest and greatest Adobe products but also access to previous or archived versions of products which is a very important aspect to many peoples workflows. CCP 1.3 now allows you to package the latest and greatest but also archived versions of applications beginning with CS6 era applications. They can be packaged together or separately depending on what your requirement is.

Support for Native application installers: In the past you would need to download separately from Adobe’s licensing website any applications that were native installers. In this release those applications are now downloaded directly from CCP.

Support for Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) files: CCP will now honor PAC files that are used to provide proxy information.

RUM support for Feature Bearing Updates: This was a big one, you can now install FB updates by invoking RUM or by going to the “Help” menu of the product itself, this was not previously possible for Creative Cloud Enterprise customers.

As promised there are some important bug fixes in this release. Some customers where having issues with imaging when non Creative Cloud products where included in the image, this should now be fixed. Customers using AUSST where experiencing an intermittent issue whereby downloads where timing out. We have now updated the version of AUSST carried in the CCP 1.3 download and also on Devnet to resolve these issues.

What do you need to do to get this amazing new release you ask ? Why just re-launch CCP and you will be prompted to self update.

For more information on this release please visit the Creative Cloud Packager help page

Finally a special thank you to all the participants who helped test out the Pre Release version. Your input as always is incredibly valuable.


Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

Creative Cloud Packager 1.3 Pre-Release

Hi All,

We have received great feedback since the Creative Cloud Packager 1.1 release in June and by all accounts it has been a success. That said the AAMEE team (which we should really rebrand to the CCP Team) have never been ones to rest on their laurels so we have been hard at work preparing the next major release. This is where we need your help. We would like to run a limited Pre-Release of CCP 1.3 for existing Creative Cloud for team and Creative Cloud for enterprise customers. This allows us to gather valuable feedback from you the IT admin because as I have said before this is why we do what we do.


Here are the new features in CCP 1.3

  • Support for Archived versions of Products
  • Support for Native application Installers (Edge Code, Edge Reflow, Scout, Gaming SDK)
  • New Shortcut locations
  • New IT Tools Un-installer
  • Build information in Product UI
  • Support for Auto Proxy Pac files *in final release*


The highest priority has been to add the support for archived versions of products. This is to support Creative Cloud for team and Creative Cloud for enterprise customers who are entitled to the latest and greatest but also archived versions of products. Up until now you could use CCP to package the latest and greatest but what if you also wanted to deploy a previous version of Photoshop for example? In this scenario as it currently stands you would need to download AAMEE, point it at the CS6 media and create a separate package. This new release streamlines the entire process by allowing you to create a CCP package that contains the latest and greatest in addition to any archived versions you would like to select.


ccp 1.3 archive

Pre-Requisites for Pre-Release

Open for Existing Creative Cloud for team customers

Open for Existing Creative Cloud for enterprise customers


How long is the Pre-Release running for 

The Pre-Release will run for around 3 weeks however we do have a threshold in terms of how many users we will be able to add. So please don’t take it personally if you do not get a response from us as chances are we have reached our quota.


How to apply

If you are an existing Creative Cloud Team or Creative Cloud Enterprise customers. I would ask that you please go to the following link and provide the required information.



Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools