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Adobe Application Manager, Enterprise Edition Mac

The Mac version of AAMEE is now Golden Master. It is available at the same link as below. The primary change between the Preview version from last month and the release version now is that there need be nobody logged into the target system in order to deploy via ARD. This particular fix is something that many, many users have requested. Our hope is that it makes AAMEE much more useful for our Mac-based customers.
Update: It seems the DevNet servers are now linking back to a the previous build. Will get this fixed ASAP and update here. –e
Update: We’re back up and good to download. –e

Adobe Application Manager, Enterprise Edition Now Available

Adobe posted the certified version of the Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition on our Developer Connection web page as well as our Licensing Web Sit today. You can find the Developer Connection downloads here:
CS5 Enterprise Deployment Toolkit (AAMEE)
Both Windows and Mac versions of freely available to all who wish to use them, including documentation. However, the MacOS version is a “Preview” version only due to a known issue with regard to deploying packages through ARD. When deploying through ARD a user is currently required to be logged in on the target system. We’re trying to fix this bug ASAP and will repost the MacOS version once the bug is fixed and a new build is certified. Current plans are to repost with the ARD fix so that no user is required to be logged in to the target system before the end of June.
Updated: It took much longer than expected to push to production; but, AAMEE should now be available on both LWS and the above URL. The above URL now points to production as well.