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Are Links Better Than A Fruitcake?

It’s the holiday season and I am feeling in a giving mood. Inspired by listening to the Los Straitjackets surf rock holiday album and this eggnog I’m sipping I thought I would give the gift that keeps on giving: hyperlinks! I don’t know your size or if you have food allergies but I do know you have a web browser with an internet connection. (Not exactly sure how you would be reading this otherwise.) Therefore I would like to share some links to Adobe articles that I have run across that might be of use. Uninstalling and disabling things are truly the kind of thing that brings a smile to the faces of IT admins this time of year.

Silent install/uninstall CS3:

Silent install/uninstall CS4:

(Why am I giving links to uninstalling CS3 and CS4? You might want to uninstall the older Suites before deploying CS5.)

Disable CS Live internet access from CS5 applications for system administrators:

Disable internet access from CS5 Community Help Client for system administrators:

Disabling Adobe Application Manager automatic updates for system administrators:

Jody Rodgers | Product Manager | Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite

First step towards achieving 100% successful installation of product updates.

Milind Wanjari is an engineer on the Updater Development Team. Here Milind talks about a simple way to give feedback on the updater and help us make it more reliable.

With the CS5 release, Adobe re-architected a new updating technology delivered to the user within Adobe Application Manager. With this new updating technology we addressed many problems users faced in earlier versions of Adobe Updater Manager.

Our intent was to fix issues or bugs users encountered while updating Adobe Creative Suite products. CS5 Updater was our first step towards achieving 100% successful installation of product updates. Our ultimate goal is to completely eliminate causes for the error screen seen by our users in product update workflows. To achieve this we continuously work to improve the update installation workflows. Our user community provides regular feedback and suggestions for the updater technology, which has been very helpful in coming up with new and better solutions. While we continue to work on such feedback and suggestions, we also want to gather success and failure rate of our patches being deployed across the globe on different machines. This will help us prioritize and troubleshoot problems to enable corrective measures.

To allow Adobe to collect information about success/failure of updates enable the Update Install Reporting feature. This feature is already part of Adobe Application Manager. When you launch Adobe Application Manager to apply an update for the first time, you will get a dialog as shown in Figure1. Press YES button on this dialog.

Figure 1 Adobe Update Install Reporter Options Dialog

Figure 1 Adobe Update Install Reporter Options Dialog

If for some reasons you have not enabled this option as mentioned above, you can still enable this in just two simple steps. Launch any CS5 product and from its menu select “Help->Updates…”to launch Adobe Application Manager. Click on the“Preferences” link and select the check box for “Send report to Adobe on Success or failure of update installation.” as shown in Figure2 below. We greatly appreciate your help in providing success or failure data to us so that we can continue to provide ever more reliable solutions.

Figure 2 Adobe Application Manager Preferences dialog

Figure 2 Adobe Application Manager Preferences dialog