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Sneak Peek of AAMEE 3.0

Adobe unveiled our new Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud offering today. And with that news, you as an IT admin probably have one question in mind: Why me? That’s right, the burden is square on your shoulders to package and get this new set of products into the hands of your users. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Got your back. We are there for you. Would we leave you hanging? Okay, historically you could say that we have in fact, left you hanging. So to speak.  But let’s not dwell on history. In fact let’s not even dwell on the present. Let’s talk about the future. Far, far into the future. Imagine a time where people can communicate to anyone in the world or by the use of a computer that fits in their pants pocket. That’s right, I am talking about the year 2012. Imagine it is a week after CS6 is available for download on the Adobe Licensing Website and now imagine another blog post from me where I spend a long first paragraph not exactly getting to the point and eventually tell you that AAMEE 3.0 is available to download.

What is this AAMEE 3.0 that you speak of that will be out a week after CS6 ships? It is the third major release of the packaging tool called the Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition, but we call it AAMEE because we are risk of getting carpal tunnel for typing the whole name out. AAMEE 3.0 was made specifically to handle the CS6 media to prepare it for deployment by outputting it as a customized MSI or PKG. A special version of the product has been developed for the new licensing features of CS6 because we are trying really, really hard not to make your job harder than it is or impact your users. If you got the CS6 media and tried to deploy it without the use of AAMEE 3.0 then things will not go smoothly for you. You see, we have specifically designed this release so that your deployment of CS6 is enterprise friendly and so you don’t write me nasty emails or post mean spirited comments. Using traditional methods of packaging CS without AAMEE, doing manual installs, or creating images without the use of AAMEE 3.0 will lead to an excessive amount of unnecessary cursing. You don’t want that. We don’t want that. Are you seeing how you and this AAMEE 3.0 tool need each other?

We will go into the details of the AAMEE 3.0 release in the next couple of weeks in different posts, specifics about the new licensing and activation, and we will discuss and preview two new command line tools that will make your life easier. But for today, I just wanted to show you a quick sneak at the welcome screen of AAMEE 3.0. It has a simple and clean interface and is laser focused on doing one thing: packaging and licensing CS6. But wait, what about support for older versions of CS or other suites like Technical Communication Suite? What about support for packaging updates? What about the support for updating an exiting AAMEE package? Oh. Did you notice that? Would we do that? Would we take functionality OUT of a product? Would we do that to you? Um. Look over there! Is that an ice cream truck I hear? Okay, look, I have been straight with this community from day one. So let me say Y-E-S! I’ve broken the first rule of Product Management which is to not take features out that people like and use.

Now before you get your rotten tomatoes out let me tell you we already have a section of the AAMEE engineering working on a 3.1 release that will add some of the missing functionality. AAMEE 3.0 will meet the basic needs of IT admins supporting early adopters of CS6. In fact, it rocks at that. It straightforward and quick. In the second half of 2012 we will have a 3.1 release that will add some of the lost features. Well “lost” sounds like we simply misplaced them. That would not be accurate as we know where we left them, in AAMEE 2.1. Ha. That made me laugh. So, my work is done here.

Jody Rodgers | Sr. Product Manager | Enterprise + Volume | Creative Suite & Creative Cloud | Adobe Systems