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Are Links Better Than A Fruitcake?

It’s the holiday season and I am feeling in a giving mood. Inspired by listening to the Los Straitjackets surf rock holiday album and this eggnog I’m sipping I thought I would give the gift that keeps on giving: hyperlinks! I don’t know your size or if you have food allergies but I do know you have a web browser with an internet connection. (Not exactly sure how you would be reading this otherwise.) Therefore I would like to share some links to Adobe articles that I have run across that might be of use. Uninstalling and disabling things are truly the kind of thing that brings a smile to the faces of IT admins this time of year.

Silent install/uninstall CS3:

Silent install/uninstall CS4:

(Why am I giving links to uninstalling CS3 and CS4? You might want to uninstall the older Suites before deploying CS5.)

Disable CS Live internet access from CS5 applications for system administrators:

Disable internet access from CS5 Community Help Client for system administrators:

Disabling Adobe Application Manager automatic updates for system administrators:

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