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AAMEE and the Suites

AAMEE and the Suites, phonetically this could sound a bit like “Amy and the Sweets” which would of made a great female pop group name in the early 1960s. Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition, aka AAMEE is frequently pronounced like the name Amy. I personally use the äm pronunciation (like Guam) so as not confuse our product name or team with a person. “Bundling CS updates, AAMEE can do that.” which invariably leads to: “Amy who? Why isn’t she at this meeting?”

That was quite the digression. Actually I hadn’t really even started had I? Thankfully everyone only skims my posts, right? Let’s start over:

Adobe loves suites! It’s true. There is the Creative Suite of course, and now there is the Acrobat X Suite, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, LiveCycle Enterprise Suite, eLearning Suite, Technical Communication Suite and since I started typing this there is now the Online Marketing Suite. Really, we love suites. And it makes sense, we are a solutions company, and as awesome as our stand-alone products and services are, you really get your value when they are bundled with other products and services.

A lot of the new suites with desktop applications are actually using the same installer technology that was developed for the Creative Suite, which is what AAMEE was built to parse, configure and output into a pkg or msi. Knowing this, you might assume that you could use AAMEE with something like the Acrobat X Suite or the new Technical Communication Suite. Sadly, this is not the case. AAMEE 1.2 currently ONLY works with Creative Suite 5.0 media and CS updates. It is a technical and classic “not enough hours in the day” issue. And for you, Joe IT Admin (hey Joe!) you might want to say “But I want one Adobe configuration and packaging tool to rule them all.” And I, appreciating your Tolkien reference and the pure logic you are invoking, will make sure it is something to focus on in 2011. However, I must be honest, it isn’t going to happen right away and I recommend figuring out clever ways to deploy these other suites without the use of AAMEE and would love to hear about how you did so.

Feel free to leave use the comments to let us know how this impacts your deployment projects, time, etc. Don’t worry, I have thick skin; I use to be a Mac IT admin in a Windows-shop mind you. And Eric Wilde, let’s just say he has read ALL of the Growl-related comments.

Jody Rodgers | Product Manager| Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite