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Who you gonna call? -Imaging CS6 with Ghost

Update for Sep 13, 2012: The workflow outlined in the Ghost video is no longer relevant when using the final AAMEE 3.1 release which removes the machine-to-licensing which was introduced with CS6. See the blog post AAMEE 3.1…or why puffer fish is a delicacy for more info.


That’s right, I’ve summoned up the ghost of Ray Parker Jr. for a quick post on imaging CS6 with Ghost. What? Wikipedia tells you he is not dead? Fair enough. No offense meant Mr. Parker. Or is that Mr. Parker Jr.? Truth is he had a recording career before and after the Ghostbusters soundtrack but that was his big breakout hit. You can’t undue a hit. And maybe this Adobe TV video will be a breakout that our Systems Engineer, Karl Gibson has been looking for. Yes, the “Client Imaging With Symantec’s Ghost Suite” video is that good. That is, if you have the need to image CS6 and you are using Ghost. If not, probably about into the fifth minute you will ask yourself: “Why the heck am I watching this?”

This is the third video Karl has made for us around CS6. It’s a trilogy. Let us know if you would like us to cover other topics or want Karl to make a prequel. Speaking of prequels, if you need additional guidance on imaging/cloning systems with a CS6 install on them then please check out the previous blog entry “Imaging CS6-Attack of the Clones.”

Jody Rodgers | Sr. Product Manager | Enterprise + Volume | Digital Media | Adobe Systems

Symantec Client Management and AAMEE

In our continuing effort to improve IT admins’ lives (cue inspiring dramatic music) we are pleased to announce another partnership with a deployment vendor, Symantec. Symantec acquired Altiris is 2007 and through that now has a powerful set of client and server management tools know as the Symantec Management Platform. Working with Symantec has been great and the first fruits of our labor is the online documentation “Using Client Management Suite to Deploy Adobe CS5” and shows a walkthrough starting out with creating a package with Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition (aka AAMEE.) We are also working with them on making it easier to identify and manage our software through the use of ISO 19770-2 software tagging, but that is probably the subject for another blog post about what we are doing on that front. In fact, that is probably enough on that subject for a whole series of blog posts in regards to software tagging.

Thanks again to Kyle Champlin and all the folks at Symantec who are helping make life for our combined customers easier!