by Dave McAllister


December 30, 2011

Apache Flex has been voted on in the Apache Foundation incubator.  And the vote is positive.

Apache Flex is now an officially blessed podling at Apache. (in case you missed it, here’s Roy Fielding talking about what it means to be an Apache project, part 1 and part 2)

From the email by Bertrand Delacretaz:

The vote passes with binding +1s from:

 Jean-Baptiste Onofré
Greg Stein
Mark Struberg
Greg Reddin
Ralph Goers
Felix Meschberger
Chris Mattmann
Olivier Lamy
Michael McCandless
Bertrand Delacretaz

 (hopefully I got all Incubator PMC members who voted)

 and a number of non-binding +1s, with no other votes.

This is great news for the future development of Flex.  With the energy and activity of a great Flex community, I expect to see amazing development and innovation in Flex as well as branches into areas that have never been consdered before.

Thanks, Apache, for offering such a great way to free projects and engage community.


  • By Scott Delamater - 10:34 AM on January 3, 2012  

    And thanks, Adobe, for freeing the project. This is a huge opportunity for the Flex community.