by Dave McAllister


February 1, 2013

In gamification, one of my favorite mechanics is unexpected surprise and delight. For instance, on my drive to the train ever day, I pass a six foot tall tyrannosaur rex. It was a surprise (and a smile) when it first appeared.  Of course, passing it every day would soon become normal, and soon invisible.

However, every now and again Rex appears in costume, relevant to the season and time.  I’ve seen him as an Easter Bunny, dressed for Halloween, chomping Rudolph during the holidays. The changes make us all watch for him to appear, to see what new things have appeared. (Right now he’s dressed as a San Francisco 49’er, in time for the Super  Bowl.) So, imagine my surprise and delight to discover a new open source technology release, Dragonbones.

Dragonbones Badge

DragonBones is a 2D skeleton animation system. It’s designed for common 2D display engines so you can easily use it if you are building a 2D project. It’s very useful to build natural skeleton animation. And it’s open source, released under the MIT license.

This system currently includes 4 projects:

There are some pretty cool skeleton animation demos out for you to check out as well.

Dragonbones is already tied into Starling, and into the Citrus engine.  And potentially others (let me know in the comments).

Anyway, go check out Dragonbones…