by Dave McAllister


May 14, 2012

It is an oft-stated principal that an open source software release is immediately international. It is equally important the community support the efforts to make sure that an open source project is available to everyone.

Moses is an open source project that allows users to download the tools necessary to train their own statistical Machine Translation engine, akin to the technology behind Google Translate.  The package is widely used in academia, but because of enhancements in the technology there are now a number of commercial applications of the technology.

With that, I’d like to point out the recent Adobe contribution to Moses for Localization (m4loc). Adobe, working with Moses software, identified areas that we felt could be made easier to work with.

Recently, at the TAUS Open Source Machine Translation Showcase,  a presentation from Gong Yu of Adobe highlighted the toolset capabilities.

The toolset is available from the m4loc repository on Google code.

We’re quite thrilled to be able to extend the use of Moses Feel free to pitch in and help make it easier for us all to make open source (and other) projects available to all.