by Nora Calvillo


August 2, 2012

Adobe’s first open source type family: Source Sans Pro


Today, Adobe is releasing two new Adobe Original type families for both print and web, Source™ Sans Pro and Leander Script™ Pro. Exciting? Most definitely!!  While Adobe is well-known for a number of fonts, Source Sans Pro is the first open source type family for Adobe.  As Nicole Minoza, Product Marketing Manager for Type, mentions, Source Sans Pro is “a classic grotesque typeface with a simple, unassuming design. The design is intended to work well in user interfaces.”


To find out more about this exciting release, visit Nicole’s blog: as well as Paul Hunt’s blog:



  • By Fitoschido - 4:19 AM on August 3, 2012  

    Wow Adobe, you’ve even make Source Sans available in Google Web Fonts and WebINK, as well as Typekit. That was a nice touch.