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February 20, 2013

It’s almost Open Source Think Tank 2013 time

The Open Source Think Tank has consistently delivered a chance to work with some of the brightest minds to answer tough issues and drive new solutions, to discover new ways of innovating and catch up on changes in the industry.  This is my one “can’t miss” event each year.

As usual, the event is targeted at senior executives (and bright people irregardless) to discuss the currents and directions for open source in the industry.  Over time, the OSTT has evolved into its format of panels, discussions, group think sessions, all targeted at discovering and inventing ways that open source principles and practices can solve complex problems.

Unusual for open source, the target solutions and discussions are not purely a developer model. And this may be the continuing strength of OSTT; the fact that we discuss issues that fall outside of code.

This year, the agenda indicates that we will delve into OpenStack, the open source software for clouds, and a discussion of how Netflix uses open source to compete differently.

Last year we covered GENIVI and OSEHRA, two projects that have significant impact on how we see open source changing the world. We’ll get reviews and updates of these projects. We’ll also get a legal update, which itself is always significant.

Of course, OSTT is a chance to meet and chat with some of the names in the space. For me it’s a chance to catch up and find out what exciting things are happening all over technology, from the folks making it happen.

So as I prepare for OSTT 2013, feel free to drop me a comment on what questions you think are important for open source in  general.

(Disclaimer: Adobe is a sponsor of OSTT 2013)


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