Open Development and Open Source are the same thing, right?


While Open Development borrows many collaboration and communication techniques from the world of Open Source, working in Open Development mode does not necessarily mean producing Open Source software.

Our goal with Open Development is to enable open communications and meritocratic collaboration in our internal projects, even those which produce proprietary software. In a big organisation like Adobe, working in your own corner can be inefficient and lead to duplication of efforts, so we strive to make some of our internal projects as open as possible inside the company, irrelevant of the openness of the final result.

This is one of the reasons while this blog is distinct from our Open at Adobe “cousin”. That one is clearly about Adobe’s Open Source initiatives, and here we’ll discuss Open Development in a more generic way, that applies to both public and private projects.

One Response to Open Development and Open Source are the same thing, right?

  1. Bob P. says:

    Thanks for clarifying – I was wondering why you’d need a distinct blog for this, but I see your point about decoupling the best practices from the software that’s being produced. It looks like this would even apply to non-software projects…interesting.