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First Post… Welcome!

Welcome, media player developers!

Open Source Media Framework
is the official name for the open source project previously known as Strobe.  I’m this project’s product manager at Adobe, and in a nutshell OSMF is intended to be the standard framework for building media players on the Flash platform.  The emphasis is on the foundational parts of media players that enable rich and engaging experiences for end users while easing integrations with 3rd party services like advertising, analytics, and content delivery.  With OSMF in your tool belt, building leading edge media players that meet business requirements should be a lot easier than it used to be.

This blog will feature posts from members of the OSMF team, and we’ll cover a range of topics including observations about online video distribution, ideas for addressing pain points in the market, and specifics about OSMF development.  In particular, we’ll tell you more about the features we’re working on and why we’re making certain architectural choices.  The goal is to give you a clear and real-time view into the OSMF project and simultaneously to get your feedback, so I encourage you to comment here and participate in the project’s discussion forums.

To learn more about the Open Source Media Framework, check out the project’s home on

Sumner Paine
Product Manager