OSMF v0.4 now available

We’ve pushed version 0.4 of the Open Source Media Framework to the public SVN repository, and posted ZIPs for the source (+SWC) and ASDocs.  New features in this release include:

  • Error handling framework
  • Support for NetConnection reuse and port/protocol negotiation, and much better error handling when using NetConnections and NetStreams
  • Initial support for metadata, in the form of a metadata object model and resource-level metadata
  • More robust URL parsing, including FMS URLs

We’re also pretty excited to include the first “official” plugin, courtesy of Akamai.  The plugin handles connect-level and play-level authentication, as well as live stream playback for content from the Akamai network.

The source ZIP includes a handful of sample apps that demonstrate the new features.

If you’re curious about what’s coming next, be sure to take a look at our Features page, which shows our roadmap for the next few months.