OSMF v0.4 now available

We’ve pushed version 0.4 of the Open Source Media Framework to the public SVN repository, and posted ZIPs for the source (+SWC) and ASDocs.  New features in this release include:

  • Error handling framework
  • Support for NetConnection reuse and port/protocol negotiation, and much better error handling when using NetConnections and NetStreams
  • Initial support for metadata, in the form of a metadata object model and resource-level metadata
  • More robust URL parsing, including FMS URLs

We’re also pretty excited to include the first “official” plugin, courtesy of Akamai.  The plugin handles connect-level and play-level authentication, as well as live stream playback for content from the Akamai network.

The source ZIP includes a handful of sample apps that demonstrate the new features.

If you’re curious about what’s coming next, be sure to take a look at our Features page, which shows our roadmap for the next few months.


6 Responses to OSMF v0.4 now available

  1. Lee Probert says:

    Hi guys. I’m following your progress quite closely at the moment as I’m building a Video Player with your framework. Everything seems to be going quite smoothly at the moment but it’s now time for me to introduce captioning. I was wondering if there is support for ‘Timed Text’ and if there is a parser available?

  2. Brian Riggs says:

    We don’t have any captioning support yet, but in our current development sprint we’re laying the groundwork for captioning through a few framework features (layout, better metadata support, and better plugin support). And we may explicitly support captioning within the framework in the future (as it seems to be gaining steam as a core requirement).If you can’t wait that long, you might want to look at the last drop of the Open Video Player project (Open Video Player was the forerunner of OSMF), as I believe they had some support for timed text parsing which you might be able to refactor into an OSMF-based player.

  3. Lee Probert says:

    Indeed it does …http://openvideoplayer.sourceforge.net/ovpfl/docs/asdocs/index.html… thank you very much. Looking forward to the release in OSMF.:-)

  4. Lee Probert says:

    Sorry to bother you again … before I invest too much time in this; do you think it should be relatively painless for me to change the references to the OvpNetStream object in the OvPCCManager & OvpCuePointManager and use these classes with the OSMF framework? I’m going to need to pass in the NetStream object to add the CuePoints and trigger the CC.

  5. Brian Riggs says:

    Seems like that would work, although you’d have to follow the event flow to see who’s listening for the events and if anything needs to be changed further upstream. For example, I think the OvpNetStream dispatches a cue point event, which presumably you want something to catch. Who will do the catching, and how will they gain access to the NetStream (which is typically hidden behind the VideoElement abstraction).For some reason though, I suspect this won’t be totally painless. 🙂 And in the long term, we’ll probably introduce a different mechanism for cuepoints (one that’s more consistent with the OSMF object model, but hopefully as elegant as the OVP approach).

  6. kfmnla says:

    Sorry for the vary basic question but I missed exactly how to install OSMF in Flash CS4. Do I need to copy the files from the source zip download into the Program Files directory for Adobe CS4 somewhere? Thanks for your time and patience.