OSMF v0.5 released

We’re excited to announce the release of the latest OSMF milestone, version 0.5.  This is definitely the most feature-rich release yet, and contains a number of core building blocks for creating media experiences in AS3.  Here are the highlights:

  • Dynamic streaming support, via the new DynamicStreamingResource class.
  • SWF support, via the new SWFElement and SWFLoader classes.
  • Advanced metadata support, via integration of the Metadata class with MediaElement to enable dynamic metadata.
  • Layout API, enabling the positioning of visual media in relation to each other through metadata.
  • Advanced plugin support, including plugins controlling the player (or other plugins).
  • Progressive audio support, via the new SoundLoader class.

We’ve also included a number of sample applications to demonstrate these (and other features).  Here’s a sample app that shows the wide range of media experiences that OSMF is capable of presenting.  Each item in the list on the left is a MediaElement, but each one represents a completely different type or manner of presenting media.  (You can see the source for these MediaElements here.)

Last, we have one significant development process announcement to make, namely that all daily development for OSMF is now taking place in the public SVN repository.  If you want to see the new features in their rawest form, just sync to the public trunk or subscribe to our commit notifications feed.  (If you just want a stable build, look for the most recent stable tag, e.g. “tags/sprint5-stable”.)