“Intro to OSMF” MAX Recording & Demo files

At MAX, Will Law from Akamai and myself presented an introduction to OSMF. The session got recorded, and is now available here. The sources used on the code walk-through are available here.

The ‘code’ folder of the sources archive contains 5 Flex projects. The following 3 are core to the main part of the demo:

  • MediaFramework, a snapshot of the OSMF.
  • Chrome, an ad-hoc library that exposes an Illustrator designed player chrome (see ‘assets/chrome.ai’) in Flash.
  • Player, the project containing the actual stepped through sample code.

The following two projects are OSMF plug-ins:

  • AkamaiBasicStreamingPlugin, a snapshot of the plug-in from SVN, used from the Player project on demoing plug-in loading (see Player2.as).
  • CCPlugin, an internal research plug-in on captioning, used from the Player project on demoing advanced plug-ins (see Player3.as).

In order for the plug-ins to load correctly on doing a debug run fromFlex, they need to be on a server, so after expanding the archive, the Player, and both plug-inprojects are set to export to /Users/edwin/Sites’. Make sure to changethe project settings to match your own local server paths using theproject properties dialog:


If no local server is available, the Player project can be set toexport to a local folder. The code from ‘Player1.as’ will still work that way, but loading theplug-ins (from ‘Player2.as’ and ‘Player3.as’) will fail.

Last, the CCPlugin demo references a ‘http://localhost/~edwin/trailer.flv’ file. On running the sample, make sure to point this URL to a progressive flv file that contains a number of cue points. The plug-in will overlay the cue point titles.

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