OSMF v0.7 available

Another month, another OSMF release!  Here are the highlights from the latest drop:

  • Cue Point Support.  OSMF now has support for all types of cue points (event, navigation, and AS).  Cue point support is built on top of our new support for temporal metadata, which can serve as the basis for defining (and responding to) metadata along the media’s timeline.  (We’ll cover this in greater detail in a separate post.)
  • Tracking Download Progress. We’ve introduced a new trait for following the download progress (in terms of bytes) of media.  The relevant properties and events are exposed on the MediaPlayer class, and can be used to represent the portion of the media which is immediately seekable (e.g. the red seek track in YouTube’s player).
  • Package Renaming + Refactorings.  You may notice that the package for the OSMF classes is now “org.osmf”.  (Yes, we finally got around to fixing that!)  As part of this renaming, we took the opportunity to do some general cleanup of code and APIs.

In addition, this drop contains an initial implementation of some content protection features in support of Flash Access 2.0, Adobe’s Digital Rights Management solution for the Flash platform.  These features require a new version of the Flash Player, version 10.1, which is not yet publicly available.  For information about participating in the Flash Access private prerelease program, please contact Kelly Miller (kelmille@adobe.com).

And now to the links:

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