Upcoming Beta Program on the way to OSMF 1.0

With nearly eight sprints of development under our belt, it’s time
for an update on the release plan for OSMF 1.0, which is scheduled to land in Q2 2010.  The focus of this post
is to preview the upcoming beta program that starts in late January.

First, a couple of small adjustments to the immediate schedule: to
accommodate the Thanksgiving and end of the year holidays, we’ve
expanded Sprints 8 and 9.  As a result, Sprint 8 will finish in mid
December, and Sprint 9 finishes at the end of January.

In fact, the Sprint 9 release at the end of January will represent a major milestone on the road to version 1.0:   Beta 1
This release will be mostly feature complete (HTTP streaming
support will still be in progress) but more importantly it will include
stable APIs.  After Beta 1, Beta 2 will follow, then a Release Candidate, and finally 1.0 in Q2.

The goal of providing a set of beta releases is to show the
developer community that the framework is ready for prime time, and
that you can use it to start building real world media players with a
reasonable expectation that your code will continue to work into the
future.  It’s also the last chance to let us know something needs to
be changed or fixed before we release 1.0.  The beta program is
essentially a dress rehearsal for the APIs that will be supported into the future.

Between now and the end of January, we’re taking a number of steps
in order to ensure that we have a solid API for Beta 1.  We’ve been
conducting detailed reviews with the API review board here at Adobe in
addition to several team reviews, and we’re also working on writing
real world player applications to vet the API.  In addition, we’ll be
taking a close look at performance and package/class level dependency
with an eye towards impact to the public API.  In short, Beta 1 will be
the milestone by when we’ve evaluated and triaged all the feedback
received to date and made resulting API changes necessary for 1.0.

Unless you tell us something is missing, the Beta 1 API will be what ends up getting
released at 1.0.  We encourage you to put OSMF through its paces and use it to build a real world player for your production website.  If
something doesn’t work quite right or if your use case isn’t enabled,
we want to hear about it!  (You can file bugs and enhancement requests in JIRA.)

More details on the beta program to follow in
the coming months…

For an up-to-date summary of the OSMF feature set and release schedule, check out:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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