OSMF v0.9 released

The ZIP file for the latest OSMF release is live!  Here’s a high-level summary of the latest changes:

  • OSMF Sample Player with Chrome.  We’ve heard your feedback about the need for a configurable, embeddable sample player.  The new OSMFPlayer supports all OSMF media types, and comes with a nice-looking, dynamic control bar. If you play a progressive video, you’ll have basic playback controls.  If you play a dynamic streaming video, you’ll have an additional set of controls (for monitoring or switching streams).  The sample player uses the new ChromeLibrary, a reference implementation for how to create UI controls with OSMF.  You can see the player in action here.
  • SMIL Support.  A new SMIL plugin allows you to create MediaElements out of SMIL documents, and play them back.  Supported SMIL features include dynamic streaming (via the <switch> tag), parallel and sequential media, and the core media types (video, audio, and image).
  • HTTP Streaming Support.  We’ve added support for HTTP streaming in the latest OSMF release.  If you’d like to test this new functionality, please sign for our pre-release at: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=prerelease_interest.  (Note that the prerelease enrollment form at this link won’t be available until approximately 2/12.)
  • Enhanced Plugin Support.  We’ve added a new plugin type (CREATE_ON_LOAD) to allow a plugin’s MediaElement to be created as soon as the plugin is loaded.  This is useful for plugins that monitor the status of other media (e.g. for analytics & reporting).
  • API Lockdown Progress. We continue to make progress on our lockdown of APIs, and we expect the lockdown to be largely complete in the next release at the end of sprint 10. Details of API changes in sprint 9 are included in the release notes.  We have been aggressively working with an internal review board to review the public APIs, and have made sufficient progress now that we consider the API to be functionally complete.  The review process is likely to go on for at least another month, during which the primary focus will be on ensuring that terminology and conventions are consistent with other Flash Platform APIs. 




      For information on overall status of the API lockdown effort, please see our API Lockdown Status wiki page.

Please note:  While we understand that using an API that isn’t fully frozen yet carries some risk of additional refactoring work later, we believe that most of that refactoring will amount to renaming of methods/classes/packages rather than fundamental changes to the workflow, and we encourage you to start developing real world applications based on this build. Your feedback in the next month will really help us ensure that we enable your unique use cases before we truly freeze the API for our final release.

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3 Responses to OSMF v0.9 released

  1. judah says:

    Will OSMF stream in YouTube videos?

  2. Brian Riggs says:

    OSMF is a media framework for building media players (including video players). It would certainly be possible to either rewrite the YouTube player using OSMF (if you’re YouTube, that is), or write your own OSMF-based player that can pull in YouTube videos via YouTube’s Chromeless Player API.

  3. Irfan says:

    Hi ,
    I am new to this field.
    Could you please let me know how i will be able to add control bar to media player . that i extended from the osmf.
    I came across one example of samplePlugin. but i couldnot understand that.
    So please let me know how i will be able to add control bar to media player.
    Thanks and Regards