Update on API Lockdown Progress

One of the questions I get asked all the time goes something like, “There’s so much change in the APIs from month to month.  When will OSMF be stable enough for me to build on?”  Well today is February 15th, we’re about half way through development in
Sprint 10, and the time is ripe for an update on our progress locking
down the APIs.

Starting with the first line of code just about one year ago, we’ve worked carefully to balance an open and transparent development process that generates feedback with the community’s need for stability.  After all, OSMF is useful only insofar as it makes developers’ lives easier! 

Until very recently, we have made substantial changes to the APIs, but we’ve done so in direct response to the community.  Changes have come from use cases surfaced in developer discussion threads in the OSMF forums, they’ve come from bugs and enhancement requests filed in JIRA, and they’ve come from Adobe’s own API review board.  We’ve welcomed this feedback because the result will be a 1.0 release that has been thoroughly vetted, and one that will deservedly come with backwards compatibility going forward.
Now for the progress report.  We’re on track to meet the following goals:

Framework: Our target for achieving
100% review and implementation
for all core framework APIs is the end of sprint 10 (late February).

Libraries & Plugins: Our target for achieving 100% review and
implementation for the library and plugin APIs is the end of sprint 11
(late March).

Progress on locking down the APIs in preparation for OSMF 1.0 is tracked
on the developer website, and there you can find a detailed status
report on what changes have been implemented and what changes
remain.  That page serves as a dashboard to provide full transparency on the stability of the APIs, and you should always look there to find the most up-to-date information.  

For those interested in more technical details on where we are as of mid February, there’s also a forum post from the OSMF dev team.

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