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Terrific OSMF Overview by Greg Hamer

Greg Hamer has written a great OSMF Introduction and Overview up on Adobe Developer Connection.  If you are not sure what OSMF is and what it is for, this is a great place to start.  Check it out at:

OSMF Introduction and Overview

David Hassoun’s Presentation at 360Flex

In case you missed David Hassoun’s terrific OSMF presentation at this week’s 360 Flex Conference in San Jose, here is a copy of the presentation:

Deep Dive OSMF.pdf


and here are the samples he discusses during the presentation (7MB file size)

OSMF v0.93 available

We’re very excited to announce that the Sprint 10 drop, OSMF version 0.93, is now available. And we’re even more excited to announce that our APIs are locked down for 1.0 (more on that below).  If you’ve been waiting for the dust to settle before diving into OSMF, then you should take a look at the v0.93 release.

Although this release has primarily been about API lockdown and stability, there are a few new features worth calling out:

  • DVR Support.  OSMF now supports DVR via Flash Media Server’s server-side DVRCast application.  This feature allows clients to jump back in time while viewing a live stream.
  • RSS + MRSS.  Via a new AS3 library, OSMF can now parse all of the major feed formats, plus the media-centric RSS extensions.
  • Extended HTTP Streaming Support.  OSMF now supports subclips for HTTP-streamed content, and DRM for HTTP-streamed content.

On the API front, we’ve spent the past six weeks reviewing, debating, and refining the public APIs.  We applied a critical eye towards the APIs, renaming those that were not immediately clear, eliminating those for which not enough use cases existed.  Moving forward, we’re setting an extremely high bar for accepting additional API changes prior to 1.0.  See the API Lockdown Status page for details on this process, and on the API changes themselves.  (Note that this API lockdown applies to the framework-level APIs, not to the APIs for individual libraries or plugins, such as VAST or SMIL.)

And now, to the links:

David Hassoun to present on OSMF at 360Flex

If you are attending 360 Flex, make sure and stop by at 1:00pm on Monday the 8th to see David Hassoun give a terrific presentation on OSMF.

OSMF Presentation at Flex360

Two great new articles from David Hassoun of RealEyes Media

David Hassoun has created two more great papers.  The first one is a follow-up to the introduction he did on using OSMF to create the REOPS sample player. In this paper he gives step by step directions on how to create a basic video player using OSMF and the REOPS sample player. Check it out !


In his next paper, David walks through how to integrate the great OSMF sample player skins created by Juan Sanchez with an OSMF based sample player. He takes you through how to customize the skins for your specific requirements and how to begin to extend their functionality.