OSMF FC1 released

The feature complete (FC) build of OSMF is now available on osmf.org.  With 1.0 right around the corner, our primary focus has been quality, with over 130 bugs fixed since the last release.  Here are the highlights from the current release:

  • Player Size Reductions – We’ve optimized OSMF for player size, with the minimum player coming in at 35KB.  Lots more details on our player size summary page.
  • Plugin Loading Changes – We’ve made some subtle but important changes to how dynamic plugins are loaded.  Plugin developers should take a close look at the details in the release notes to see if the changes will impact their plugins.
  • MediaPlayerSprite – We heard your feedback, and brought back a streamlined, improved version of this useful display class.  For those just getting started with OSMF, MediaPlayerSprite (as seen in our HelloWorld example) is the easiest-to-use introduction class.
  • Ad & Recommendation Examples – The ExamplePlayer sample app boasts two new examples, demonstrating how to implement a recommendations bumper and how to implement an overlay countdown timer with pre-, post-, or mid-roll ads.  There are now 50 examples in ExamplePlayer, demonstrating a wide variety of OSMF features.

And here are the links:

3 Responses to OSMF FC1 released

  1. Nate says:

    As an intermediate Flash developer looking into using OSMF for projects…I’m surprised at the really poor documentation and tutorials. It’s actually quite frustrating and makes me wonder if the same poorly tested logic is behind the actual framework itself, or if this is just a symptom of where this project stands. For example, the Developer Guide consistently produces errors, incorrect TYPES, and steps that skip critical information. Is there a plan for better documentation?

  2. jspooner says:

    I’m trying to develop a plugin for OSMF and there are a few thin documents on creating them but there are 0 documents showing how a player developer would consume them.The docs show how to load a plugin from code and at runtime but after they load how do you access them?

  3. Brian Riggs says:

    @Nate Yes, our docs need some work before we ship. We’re still developing the Developer Guide (no pun intended), and many of the specs are out of date. We’re hoping to clean that up in the next few weeks. The ASDocs, however, are generally up to date, and the sample apps continue to be the best resource for figuring out how to get started. Feel free to post any specific questions on the forums, you’ll get more traffic over there.@jspooner I’ve responded on your forum thread.