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Announcing OSMF 1.0!

We are very excited to announce the release of OSMF
1.0!  We’ve come a long way since the early days of OSMF, and we want to
thank the community for helping us to evolve the framework.

vision for OSMF was to address many of the pain points around video publishing
and monetization.  We kept hearing from our customers that player
development was difficult and resource intensive, and as a result, adoption of
new video technologies lagged behind.  In addition, ecosystem service
providers were feeling the strain of integrating their services into players
individually.  We believed that by developing a media player framework
that could serve as a common, standardized integration point for player
developers and ecosystem providers, we could help solve a lot of these
problems, and thus, OSMF was born. 

made the conscious decision to make OSMF open source because we wanted the
entire ecosystem to own the framework.  OSMF-based players are already
being deployed by major media companies.  FIFA’s new World Cup 2010 site will stream video through an OSMF
player, and ESPN built the player for ESPN3, its broadband network for live
sports programming, on OSMF.  Platform partners like KickApps have
released OSMF player development tools, and
companies like EyeWonder have contributed OSMF libraries that extend the

OSMF 1.0, developers can build rich media experiences that incorporate video
playback, companion advertising, dynamic chrome for content-specific UIs, and
captioning.  Content owners can manage and monetize their video through a
series of third-party plug-ins from companies like Omniture.  OSMF also
enables the latest Flash Platform features like Flash Access content
protection and HTTP Dynamic
.  (For a full list of features, please visit the OSMF wiki.)

are also pre-releasing Strobe Media Playback, our pre-built, production-ready
OSMF player.  Strobe Media Playback is the perfect solution for someone
who wants to easily and quickly publish video content to their web site. 
It is available for free download as a compiled swf.

As always, we want to hear your
feedback, so please feel to reach out to us here or through the forums!

1.0 is available here:





OSMF User Group Presentation Tomorrow

I’ll be presenting to the OSMF user group tomorrow (Wednesday, May 19th) at noon PST about the latest OSMF features, as well as what we’re considering for OSMF 1.5.  We’ll definitely be interested in feedback on the latter.  Hope you can make it!

Brian Riggs – OSMF Team

OSMF App Studio

Our terrific partner KickApps has just launched a new hosted service for creating OSMF based video players.  It features a very intuitive drag and drop interface for creating your own custom player, and powerful integration with a variety of different plug-in partners.  Go and take a 30 day free trial at